The New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association is an organization run by volunteers, dedicated to advancing the sport of canoe and kayak racing for paddlers of all skill levels. NECKRA seeks to support established and successful community boating programs to facilitate awareness of and interest in marathon and downriver racing.

In August 2016, NECKRA will be hosting the USCA Nationals in Northfield, MA. Find out more at the New England Nationals website.

Featured Races
  March 26 Scantic Spring Splash DR
  April 2 Ware River Icebreaker Race DR, FL
  April 3 Hockanum River Race DR
  April 9 53rd Annual River Rat Race non-points
  April 10 River Rat Race Pro/Am FL
  April 10 Willimantic River Downriver Race DR
  April 16 63rd Annual Westfield Whitewater Races - Novice DR
  April 23 45th Annual Wappingers Creek Water Derby DR