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09/22 - Wild West Stampede

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend on the West River in Jamaica, VT. Sunday was sunny and 80 degrees for the debut of the Wild West River Stampede. Paddlers got two runs at the 3.5 mile course, and most paddlers who did both runs chose to try a different class or mix it up with a different partner for their second run.

Because of the lack of rain, the release got a later than usual start. As a result, there was significantly higher and faster water for the second run. Nevertheless, the two fastest times of the day were turned in by wildwater kayakers during the first run—Gus Madore edging out Mark Wendolowski by 11 seconds to claim the coveted Fastest (Cowboy) on the West hat. The two finished in the same order for NECKRA points purposes, keeping Keith Duggan from catching Adam Beyer for the second race in a row.

The second run was wilder than the first with bigger waves providing a wetter ride. Kayaker Dave Nowak took the only swim of the day, which allowed him to take home the (less) coveted Carnage Cactus award. Meanwhile, Jerry Madore achieved the only sub 20-minute canoe time of the day beating out his son Gus (now paddling with a single blade) by just over 20 seconds. Trailing Gus by just seven seconds were Christine Spring & Eric Jones. Their time of 20:19 was the best tandem time of the day and earned Christine a Fastest (Cowgirl) on the West hat.

Even though Gus didn't manage to catch his dad, his run had enormous implications for the Downriver canoe series. When the handicaps were calculated, Gus edged out Phoebe Jones by a whisker-thin 4 seconds for 50 points—ensuring that whatever happens at Rainbow Run this coming weekend, Jerry Madore will be the 2019 Downriver canoe champion. It's Jerry's second consecutive championship and third in four years.Congratulations Jerry!!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped organize the race, and especially to April Jones for timing and to Paul Fraser and the entire Town of Jamaica for their incredible support.

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