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11/02 - Potato Race

Well, we had a wild ride yesterday at the Potato Race!!  There were unpredictable bucking waves the whole way as 25 mph winds gusted from more directions than I thought we had directions. The further out into the river you were, the worse it was.  Just as the closer into shore you were, the worse it was.  No safe haven anywhere. At one point, my partner Tim Garland, put out a hand brace on his off side and saved us from going for a rotten swim.  This can’t be done, but he says he has big hands!! The race did make for some memorable stories that will become part of the myths and legends of the last race of the NECKRA season.

Thank you to Phil Sousa and Jeff Teece for putting on the race, complete with two safety boats. The course was shortened this year in consideration.

Priscilla Reinertsen