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05/12 - Boateater Challenge

The weather was perfect for racing, and the course was an interesting technical challenge even though it didn't provide the biggest waves. We had 24 boats and 31 paddlers, including four boats (2 junior teams, 1 mixed team and a solo boat) from the Woodhall School in Bethlehem, CT. We were particularly grateful that Nathan Wheeler & Emily Bearse from Woodhall were in attendance, since they helped out a swimming kayaker, provided a spare paddle (single blade though it was), and then recovered the kayaker's paddler all while negotiating Boateater Rapid!

Kayaker David Wiltey was the fastest boat of the day at 49:25, a very impressive time given the low flow. Charley Brackett & Fred Thompson finished at 53:10 for the fastest canoe time. In the most closely contested division, a mere 14 seconds separated Paul Glasscock, Keith Duggan & Brian Beaupre in short kayak. 

My thanks, and those of the racers, go out to the Insurance City Repeater Club which provided communications along the course, and to the members of the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department who were on hand in case anyone got into trouble. Matt, Scott & Tim provided safety on the water, while April, Linda, Sara, and Cindy made sure everyone got registered, got their proper times, got their awards and that we got all our bibs back!

I hope to see all of you (and more) next year!

-Eric Jones