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08/26 - Cookie Bowl

Despite a breezy and threatening start, it turned out to be a pleasant evening for for a race. 46 boats vied for the coveted cookies from Daily Bread. The Winning time of 49:25 was turned in by veteran paddlers Paul Dyka and Del Cummings. This was the 19th running of this Annual race that benefits the Stockbridge Bowl Association. 
Kayak Masters Robert Benner Richmond 64:14:00
Kayak Masters Jim Barrese Short Hills NJ 67:12:00
Kayak Masters Paul Monachina Lee 68:50:00
Kayak Masters Jerry Irving Pittsfield 73:33:00
Racing Kayak Mike Craft Pittsfield 54:24:00
Racing Kayak Ed Dvorchak Belchertown 55:31:00
2-Person Kayak Joseph Williams David Williams Pittsfield Pittsfield 69:12:00
2-Person Kayak William Bodine Laurie Cole Hinsdale Pittsfield 77:58:00
Kayak Female Ann Jon Becket 64:35:00
Kayak Female Terry Garneau Pittsfield 85:28:00
Kayak Male Ken Ostrowski Cheshire 51:19:00
Kayak Male Terry Coyne North Adams 59:16:00
Kayak Male Robert Dvorchik Soutfield 70:51:00
Kayak Male Kevin Garneau Pittsfield 76:40:00
OC-1 Male Jack Morse Cummington 55:32:00
OC-1 Male Tom Keefe Pittsfield 63:06:00
OC-1 Masters Male Tom Ellsworth Orange  57:30:00
OC-1 Masters Male Pete Cole Pittsfield 61:49:00
OC-1 Masters Male Bob Macchi Lee 70:22:00
OC-1 Grand Master Bob Allen Westfield 56:18:00
OC-1 Grand Master Jim Dami North Adams 60:02:00
OC-1 Senior Jim Virgilio Dalton 63:05:00
Outrigger Canoe Ken Walls Washington 60:19:00
OC-1 Masters Female Sue Williams Dalton 71:41:00
OC-2 Masters Female Pam Fitzgerald Vicki Cummings Scotia NY Meriden CT 54:39:00
OC-2 Male Michale Kaplan David Lotto Lenox Pittsfield 70:36:00
Recreational Stephen Passetto Mark Coviello Lee Pittsfield 68:03:00
OC-2 Masters Male Tim Minkler Bill Ross Stockbridge Dalton 52:06:00
OC-2 Masters Male Nick Lyesiuk Dan Rabinkin Orange Arlington 52:55:00
OC-2 Senior Paul Dyka Del Cummings Middletown CT Meriden CT 49:25:00
OC-2 Senior Dave Dugas Jim Roberts Orange Westhampton 55:17:00
OC-2 Senior Ed Paquette Scott Dias Washington   Lanesboro 55:33:00
OC-2 Senior Craig Walton Bruce Duquette Richmond Adams 55:50:00
OC-2 Senior Jim Fawcett Gary Miller Tyringham Stockbridge 58:40:00
OC-2 Senior Bernie Kennedy Bill Farry Pittsfield Pittsfield 63:03:00
OC-2 Grand Master Allen Ross Bill Ellsworth Montague Orange 56:16:00
OC-2 Grand Master Marjorie Cohan Nancy Plouffe Pittsfield Pittsfield 65:22:00
OC-2 Mixed Gloria Wesley Gary Aprea Pittsfield Austerlitz NY 52:12:00
OC-2 Mixed Carina Peritore Larry Bravo Arlington Tyringham 54:36:00
OC-2 Mixed Emma Ross Jeff DeFeo Roslindale Chester 58:35:00
OC-2 Mixed Tim Allen Dawn Allen Westfield 62:46:00
OC-2 Mixed Ginny Akabane Steve Lynch Stockbridge Pittsfield 65:12:00
OC-2 Mixed Darryl Lipinski Tristanne Chalmers Adams Adams 85:25:00
OC-2 Mixed Masters Laura Walton Joe Shaw Richmond Worthington 52:05:00
OC-2 Mixed Masters Peter Heed Brenda Bowie Westmoreland NH Shelburne Falls 53:16:00
OC-2 Mixed Masters Chris Tobin Bob Zuber West Stockbridge Lenox 57:52:00
OC-2 Mixed Masters Charlie Zuber Patty Spector Lenox Lenox 54:04:00
OC-2 Mixed Masters Sue Purdy Kurt Kuehnel Dalton 54:44:00
OC-2 Open Female Sue Casey Sally Vincent Lenoxdale Lenox 61:55:00