Points Series

The NECKRA Points Series provides:
  • A fun way to track your racing
  • Encouragement to participate in more races
  • Competition on a more leveled playing ground
    • Our handicapping system has proven to be a good leveler of gender, age and boat type
  • A chance to win the series and have your name added to a traveling trophy if you win
  • Top series finishers receive engraved glassware prizes
  • All series qualifiers are entered into the year-end prize raffle
NOTE: Some changes have been made to the points series handicaps starting with 2018. These are:
  • the addition of a C4 handicap
  • the elimination of the sea kayak handicap (sea kayaks are included in touring)
  • more age groups for older paddlers
For reference, you can still see the older handicaps that were used.
Flatwater Canoe Handicaps
C-2 Men 0  minutes/hour
C-1 Man -4.5  minutes/hour
C-1 Woman -8  minutes/hour
Each Woman in C-2 -2  minutes/hour
Rec Canoe: C-2 -6  minutes/hour
Stock Canoe: C-2 -3.5  minutes/hour
Stock Canoe: C-1 -6.5  minutes/hour
Stand Up Paddle Board -6  minutes/hour
Downriver Canoe Handicaps
For Composite Canoes
Composite C-2 Stock +3  minutes/hour
C-2 Race (i.e. X or XX) +5  minutes/hour
Marathon Boat (any type) +6  minutes/hour
C-1 Man 0  minutes/hour
C-1 Woman -5  minutes/hour
Each Woman in C-2 -2  minutes/hour
For ABS Canoes
C-2 Men 0  minutes/hour
C-1 Man -2  minutes/hour
C-1 Woman -7  minutes/hour
Each Woman in C-2 -2  minutes/hour
Age Handicaps (for all canoe & kayak series)
Each Paddler 60-69 -1  minutes/hour
Each Paddler 70-74 -2  minutes/hour
Each Paddler 75-79 -3  minutes/hour
Each Paddler 80-84 -4.5  minutes/hour
Each Paddler 85-89 -6.5  minutes/hour
Each Junior 15-18 -3  minutes/hour
Each Junior 10-14 -5  minutes/hour
Each Junior <10 -7  minutes/hour
Kayak Handicaps for Downriver and Flatwater Series
USCA Unlimited - including:
- ICF Olympic and Buschnell Wave Series
- Any other kayak not fitting into another class
- over 20' in length OR < 18" at 4" water line
0  minutes/hour
USCA Touring and USCA Sea Kayak - including:
- ICF Downriver and ICF Trainers 
- 20' or less in length AND >18" at 4" waterline
-2  minutes/hour
USCA Recreational
- 16' or less in length AND >22" at 4" waterline
-4  minutes/hour
K1 Short - 13'2" or less in overall length -6  minutes/hour
K2 (2 person kayak)
- Sea Kayak or ICF Racing type
+5  minutes/hour
If Plastic (Downriver or Flatwater) include an additional: -1  minutes/hour
If K1 woman include an additional: -4  minutes/hour
For each woman in a K2 include an additional: -2  minutes/hour