How to Join PaddlersConnection Mailing List

PaddlersConnection is the NECKRA mailing list used to organize training sessions, send out race information and results or just to discuss paddling. You can join the mailing list by following the steps below:

1.  Send an email to or click on the button below to send the email. The subject and contents don't matter.

2.  You should receive an email asking you to confirm your membership. It will look something like what's shown below. If you do not have a Yahoo ID, you should simply reply to the confirmation email. If you do have a Yahoo ID, you can click on the link to join.

3.  If you click on the link in the confirmation email, you should be brought to a page that looks similar to the image below. Click on the appropriate link to join the group or mailing list.

4.  After joining the list, you can use the following email addresses:

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