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Annual Meeting

Minutes for New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association Annual Meeting
November 22, 2020 at 4PM via Zoom

Officer/Committee Reports:
The annual meeting was held via the internet using the Zoom application, with 23 people in attendance.  We thank Ted Kenyon for hosting the Zoom meeting.

Priscilla Reinertsen discussed importance of community in paddle sport and NECKRA.  Priscilla reflected on a very different and unexpected season because of COVID, with the vast majority of races being cancelled and no “point series” being held.  While the future may be uncertain, the paddling community continues.

The upcoming 2021 season remains uncertain because of COVID.  Vicki and Del hope to have Silver Lake Race in October 2021.  Jimmy Roberts may have C1/K1 race in 2021. There is no NECKRA Point Series currently scheduled for 2021. But we are optimistic that the pandemic situation will look much different as the year progresses.

The NECKRA Competition meeting is not yet scheduled.  An announcement will be made once the Competition meeting is scheduled.

NECKRA will continue to support youth paddling at both Holyoke Rows and Greater Lawrence Community Boating.  NECKRA maintains its financial support of our athletes that are on USA Nationals teams.  Paddler Kaitlyn McElroy is likely to participate in the Olympic Games in Japan and a contribution will be made to her by NECKRA if this occurs.  At the time of the meeting, it was unclear whether Gus Madore will have an opportunity to participate in US Team Trials, Under-21 and race as a team member in 2021.

NECKRA will not have a mailed paper race packet for 2021, for the first time, because of the uncertainties of COVID and the inability of our directors to schedule races early in the season.  Paddlers will be referred to the NECKRA website and the NECKRA Facebook page for updates. The intent is to mail a 4 page flyer to all members some point in the new year. The flyer would include information about our business race supporters and the latest on a race schedule.

A summary of the Membership report was presented, and Paula Thiel noted that there were 171 members in 2020, only a slight decrease in membership from the previous year.  We appreciate the loyalty of our members and hope that paddlers will join NECKRA for 2021, our ‘bridge year’.  There will be lots going on in 2021, and your support for the communications will be important. Renewal cards will be sent out by U.S. mail. One can join NECKRA on our website,
NECKRA may entertain producing a sales item for paddlers. Amy Thornton suggested that neck gators with the new NECKRA logo be made.  There may be other possibilities.

New Business:

  1. Election of Officers and Board Members:

  2. President: Priscilla Reinertsen
    Secretary: Scott Ide
    Treasurer: Ellen Downes
    Vice President: Dave Wiltey
    Membership: Paula Thiel
    Website: Steve Miller
    Training and Competition: Bob Allen
    Publicity: Amy Thornton
    Equipment: open
    Flatwater points tabulator: Steve Miller
    Downriver canoe points tabulator: Eric Jones
    Downriver kayak points tabulator: Adam Beyer
    Downriver Canoe: Eric Jones and Charlie Brackett
    Recreation/Youth: Ken Ostrowski
    Race Packet solicitor: Priscilla Reinertsen
    Race Packet editor / ZoomMaster: Ted Kenyon

    There were no contending candidates.  Peter Heed made a motion to accept the slate of officers. Karen Pleasant seconded the motion. Slate of Officers and Board Members unanimously accepted.

  3. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made by Bob Allen, seconded by Tom Allen. Unanimous vote to approve.

  4. Motion to approve the 2021 Budget was made by Bob Allen, seconded by Tim Allen. 
  5. Unanimous vote to approve.

  6. Motion to adjourn was made by Peter Heed and seconded by Eric Jones. All approved.