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NECKRA Annual Meeting

New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association

Sunday, November 2, 2014           Elks Lodge, Florence, MA


Following a wonderful banquet feast, arranged by Bob Allen, the group turned its attention to the agenda for the 2014 Annual Meeting.

1.  Officers’ Reports:

The President, Priscilla Reinertsen, reported that the organization continues to move ahead with the services that it provides its members and the paddlesport community. The end balance is up, membership is up, hits on the website are up, PaddlersConnection membership is higher than ever, and NECKRA is in a position to continue to provide financial support for community youth paddling.  Priscilla expects we can outshine ourselves in 2015.

The success of NECKRA, Priscilla indicated, is because of it wonderful volunteers.  Thank you’s were expressed to many people, including Eric Jones, Steve Miller, Tom and Kristen Warner, Paul Glascock, Charley Brackett, Del and Vicki Cummings and Bob Allen.  Priscilla also expressed appreciation for all who have come to races, who paddled with an eager kid, who have written a piece for the Competitive Paddler, and to all who have shown good will and assistance to other paddlers.

Jack Beusman, the NECKRA Secretary, though unable to attend because of a sudden family situation, expressed in writing his pleasure at being able to serve NECKRA for 2014.  He has enjoyed his responsibilities.  Priscilla indicated that Jack has done a terrific job, and has computer skills, far beyond her own, that enable Jack to be very efficient. He is always willing and fun to work with. 

Ellen Downes, also unable to attend because of recent surgery, filed a written Treasurer’s report.  This report may be found on  In essence, income is up, expenditures held steady.  Beginning balance for the FY 2014 was $8799.70.  End balance was $9886.17.  Priscilla praised Ellen for her diligent work over the past year.  Ellen takes excellent care of NECKRA finances.

Monica Schnitger, who is retiring as Membership chair, filed the following written report.  Membership is up a little from last year.  There were 187 members in 2014.  This compares to 181 in 2013.  Priscilla expressed great appreciation to Monica for upgrading membership to a sophisticated  on-line program that can be accessed by designated individuals.  Monica has been an efficient and dedicated Membership chair.  Monica is pleased to hand over the position of Membership chair to the competent and experienced Paula Thiel. 

Eric Jones, the Downriver competition co-chair and points tabulator, reported on downriver racing.  His full report, which includes a detailed analysis of canoe and kayak participation, breaking out 2014 and 2013, and comparing the number of races that canoeists and kayakers participated in, is extremely interesting.  Eric has put together a comparison of the total number of NECKRA participants, Points Series Qualifiers, and the number of Rookies for the past 20 years.  Canoe participation is up a little, and kayak participation is down.  Scheduling issues and weather may account for this change.  The full report can be found on the NECKRA website.

Eric also explained about his work as the NECKRA historian of race results.  Some of his considerable gatherings of data can be found on the NECKRA website.  Eric is seeking additional race results for the years he does not have, though his to-date collection is very thorough.  Big kudoes to Eric for developing such an important database.

There were no further reports.

2.  Old Business – none

3.  New Business

A.  Approval of budget:  Priscilla presented the proposed budget for 2015.  This budget was included with the Treasurer’s report that was passed out to all.  For 2015, the budget is conservative.  Estimates of income were pegged as slightly lower than in 2014, to be on the safe side.  With, however, an end balance of more that $1000 above the end balance of 2013, the proposed budget would expend $400 more for grants to community youth paddling programs. Other expense items would hold the line, with allowance being made for inflation.  Total income was projected at $5885. Total projected expenses were $5685.

Paul Glasscock moved that the budget be accepted.   Ed Halpin second.  Vote was unanimous.

B.  Election of Officers and Committee Chairs:

President – Priscilla Reinertsen

Secretary – Jack Beusmans

Treasurer – Ellen Downes

Membership – Paula Thiel

Website – Steve Miller

Competitive Paddler – Eric Jones

Competitioin – Bob Allen

Publicity – Shawn Burke

Equipment – Jack Beusmans

Flatwater Points Tabulator – Steve Miller

Downriver Canoe Competition/Points Tabulator – Eric Jones and Charlie Brackett

Downriver Kayak Competition/Points Tabulator – Paul Glasscock

Flatwater Competition – open

Recreation/Youth – open

Race Packet Solicitors – Eric Jones and Priscilla Reinertsen

Race Packet editor – Tom and Kristen Warner

Vicki Cummings moved that the above slate be elected.  Steve Smith second.  Vote was unanimous.

C.  Un-sung Hero Award.  

Each year, for the past several years, a committee of the officers and chair persons selects a special individual who has made an outstanding contribution to NECKRA and paddling.  This year’s recipient, Bill Baker, was a unanimous choice.  Bill has mentored and supported kayakers for the last 40 years.  His personal performance has been absolutely outstanding.  Bill has lead the field in more races, in the US, and in Canada, than anyone could count.  There are no kayakers who have ever been on the starting line with Bill that do not have the upmost respect for his abilities, his determination, his warmth and great humor.  Bill has been a friend and supporter of all his fellow paddlers, and is loved by all.  He has continued to be a leader and example for racers of both kayaks and canoes through-out his paddling career.

NECKRA salutes a great paddler, a great and yet very humble man, Bill Baker!!

The un-Sung Hero award was presented to Bill, who in his usual self-deflecting way, thanked the paddlers for their generousity and kindness to him.  Cheers all around for Bill.

4.  Adjournment.

Tom Jones moved that the meeting adjourn.  Paul Glasscock second.  The meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote.

5.  Bob Allen lead the NECKRA Year End Awards.

All written reports may be read on the NECKRA website.

Submitted by Priscilla Reinertsen and Paula Thiel for Jack Beusmans.