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Grant Application for Non-Profit Organizations

The New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association (NECKRA) is an organization run by volunteers, dedicated to advancing the sport of canoe and kayak racing for paddlers of all skill levels. NECKRA seeks to support established and successful community boating programs to facilitate awareness of and participation in marathon flatwater and downriver racing. NECKRA welcomes small grant proposals from non-profit organizations in order to help fulfill this mission.

The grant application form is for established New England community boating programs. Applicants should fill out the upper portion of this form, and have a current NECKRA member fill out the sponsor portion. The sponsor should be an individual who is very familiar with the operations of the boating program, and who enthusiastically recommends the program for NECKRA support.

Applications must be submitted by March 15th of the granting year. The NECKRA Executive Committee will make all funding decisions by April 15th. Total grants for any year are limited to the grant funds approved at the Annual Meeting. Successful applicants will submit a short report explaining how the grant money was used, highlighting accomplishments made as a result of the grant. This report will be sent to the President of NECKRA before October 15th.