Minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting of the
New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association (NECKRA)

Elks Lodge, Florence, MA
November 4, 2012
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Minutes by Jack Beusmans, Secretary of NECKRA

1.  Officer/Committee reports

President’s report

Priscilla Reinertsen thanked all who have supported NECKRA with their membership and participation this past year, especially those who volunteered their expertise and time as race directors, as race timers and registration folks, as communications people, as youth supporters, and as organization team members.

Priscilla gave special thanks to several NECKRA members.  To Rosemary Longo-Nutt for her help  in writing a Race Director’s manual for both downriver and flatwater races.  To Eric Jones for reviving the Boateater Race, and compiling a lot of historical data for dowriver races, and for agreeing to coordinate the downriver race schedule for 2013.  To Charlie Brackett for his past and continuing support of the downriver series and for offering the Laurel Lake family races in August.  To Phil Sousa and Adam Gelinas for continuing the tradition of getting folks out to race for spuds.  Again to Phil for working with the Huntington Dam races, the C-1/K-1 Championships, and many other competitions.  To Shawn Burke for doing such a great job editing the Competitive Paddler. To Michael Melnikov for agreeing to take over the flatwater series calculations for 2013 from Shawn.  To Steve Miller for putting up the best website of all canoe and kayak racing organizations, bar none.  And to Kelly Gelinas for taking some fabulous photographs of racers.  

Priscilla gave a very special thank you to NECKRA’s mayor, Bob Allen, who has been part of the bedrock of NECKRA for decades, for organizing the banquet, points series awards and raffle.  Bob’s dedication and gracious good humor are itself part of NECKRA.

Priscilla concluded her report by wishing NECKRA and its members a great 2013.    

Secretary’s report

Jack Beusmans summarized the Secretary’s duties which included preparing the minutes for the Annual Meeting and Competition Meeting, preparing mailing labels for the race packets, and sending out the 2012 Annual Meeting notices.  

Treasurer’s report

Prepared by Ellen Downes, Treasurer.

    Contact the Treasurer or President for details of the Treasurer's Report

Membership report

Priscilla Reinertsen summarized the membership report on behalf of Deb Walton, NECKRA’s membership chair for the past three years.   NECKRA’s current membership stands at 188 members, which is slightly down from 2011 (200 members), but still up from 2010 (154).

The Competitive Paddler Editor’s report

Shawn Burke, editor of The Competitive Paddler, reported that since the last annual meeting three issues have been published online at www.thecompetitivepaddler.com.  Each issue had a ‘theme’ with several articles focusing on a particular topic, plus race photo essays, race reports, and articles on training and nutrition.  Goal is to continue to publish three issues per year.  

The site has moved to a new web hosting service, which allows for the accurate tracking of downloads.  Each new issue is downloaded between 650 and 700 times from around the world.  Aside from the U.S., the newsletter is downloaded in Canada, Japan, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, South Africa, France, Australia, Romania, and China.  Back issues were added to the website for download,  which  has proven very popular.  

The goals for 2013 include an online survey of readers – both NECKRA members and nonmembers – to learn their interests, and assess how effectively we’re meeting their needs. In addition, more issues from the back catalog will be added to the website, including scanned copies of hardcopy issues dating back to 1999.  

Shawn expressed his concern that The Competitive Paddler may become disconnected from NECKRA, with not enough NECKRA focus.  To keep the publication NECKRA specific, Shawn issued a call for more articles and materials about NECKRA races.  He raised the idea of instituting an official “Race Reporter.”

2. Old Business

No old business items were brought up.

3. New Business

A. Approval of budget for 2013

Priscilla gave a brief overview of the proposed 2013 Budget, pointing out a slight increase in grants and sponsorships.

Vicki Cummings moved to approve the 2013 budget, which was seconded by Shawn Burke and Ed Halpin.  Motion was approved unanimously by all members present.

B. Election of officers and committee chairs

The following officers and committee chairs are proposed:

President – Priscilla Reinertsen
Secretary – Jack Beusmans
Treasurer – Ellen Downes
Membership – Monica Schnitger
Website – Steve Miller
Competitive Paddler – Shawn Burke
Competition – Bob Allen
Publicity – Shawn Burke
Equipment – Jack Beusmans
Flatwater Points Tabulator  – Michael Melnikov
Race Packet Solicitors –Priscilla Reinertsen and Eric Jones
Race Packet Editors – Kristen Warner and Tom Warner
Downriver Canoe Competition/Points Tabulator – Charlie Brackett and Eric Jones
Downriver Kayak Competition/Points Tabulator – Mark Wendolowski
Flatwater Canoe Competition – open
Flatwater Kayak Competition – Ted VanDusen
Youth Program/Recreation – open

Ed Halpin moved to approve the proposed slate of officers and committee chairs, which was seconded by Steve Smith. Motion was approved unanimously by all members present.

C. Other

Unsung Hero Award for 2012 went to Mark Wendolowski for his tremendous work in organizing 4 downriver races, 2 flatwater races and many midweek races as well.  

4. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned.

5. NECKRA year-end awards

As always, Bob Allen did a great job presenting the awards and running the raffle with some great prizes.  A call was made for more kayak-specific prizes; please contact Bob Allen with your ideas.