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Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting

Elks Lodge, Florence, MA

November 6, 2011
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Minutes by Jack Beusmans

1,  Officer/Committee reports

President’s report.  NECKRA’s President Priscilla Reinertsen opened the meeting and welcomed the fifty some attendees. Priscilla thanked past President Mike Ripple for his many years of great service, Shawn Burke for producing a terrific newsletter which is actually a magazine-quality publication and Steve Miller for maintaining NECKRA’s website, which will soon be extended with the ability to pay membership dues via PayPal.

NECKRA is in good shape financially.  Starting with fiscal year 2012, NECKRA will have a balanced budget, which will be possible by eliminating printing costs of the newsletter, which will be available online (Shawn Burke pointed out that each issue has about 1000 downloads, including from places as far away as Australia and South Africa). The past year, NECKRA has provided financial support to several community boating programs as well as US Team racing members. NECKRA is able to provide these services largely because of our membership dues, but we need to grow our membership.

Priscilla welcomed Dan Baumbert, the President of MaCKRO, the Maine Canoe and Kayak Racing Organization.

Priscilla closed by saying that NECKRA is more than just an association of people who love to race; it is also a community of people who care about each other.

Secretary’s report.  NECKRA’s current secretary, Deb Walton, was not present.  Priscilla Reinertsen said that minutes of past Annual Meetings and Competition Meetings will be posted online.

Treasurer’s report.  NECKRA’s current treasurer, Bill Farrell, was not present.  Priscilla Reinertsen gave a brief summary of NECKRA financial status.  The beginning balance for FY2011 was $8,236  (on 11/1/2010); the ending balance was $7,236.63 (on 11/1/2011).  Total income was $5,128; total expenditure was $6,128.  Next year’s proposed budget will be balanced.

Membership report.  In Deb Walton’s absence, Priscilla Reinertsen summarized current membership status.  NECKRA’s membership has held level in the past few years at 200 members (70 women, 130 men).

Competitive Paddler report. Shawn Burke said that the first issue of the Competitive Paddler in its new format came out in Spring 2011.  Next issue will come out on December 1, 2011.  Shawn thanked contributors for great photographs and pointed out that video is possible as well.  Shawn appealed to everybody to send in race reports.

2. Old Business

Tom Warner reminded everybody that December 1st is the deadline for submitting ads and race descriptions for the Race Packet. Tom pointed out that it is easiest if race directors just send him updates for existing races; he will send final jpeg of race information to authors to proofread. Packet will be printed at the middle of January 2012.

Tom said that Mary Hamilton is doing well after her horrible bike accident, and will need about six months of physical therapy; appreciates hearing from NECKRA friends.

No other old business items were brought up.

3. New Business

A.    Approval of budget for 2012

Shawn Burke asked whether proposed budget assumes level membership.  Priscilla Reinertsen replied that budget was indeed based on assuming a level membership of 200, but that she hoped we could grow this to 250 by end of 2012.

Peter Heed moved to approve the 2012 budget, which was seconded by Adam Gelinas, Steve Smith and Bob Allen.  Motion was approved unanimously by all members present.

B.     Election of officers and committee chairs

The following officers and committee chairs are proposed:

President – Priscilla Reinertsen
Secretary – Jack Beusmans
Treasurer – Ellen Downes
Vice President – open
Membership – Deb Walton
Website – Steve Miller
Competitive Paddler – Shawn Burke
Competition – Bob Allen
Publicity – Pam Browning
Equipment – Jack Beusmans
Race Packet Solicitors – Mike Ripple and Priscilla Reinertsen
Race Packet Editors – Kristen Warner and Tom Warner
Downriver Canoe Competition – Charlie Brackett and Eric Jones
Downriver Kayak Competition – Mark Wendolowski
Flatwater Canoe Competition – Dan Rabinkin
Flatwater Kayak Competition – Pam Browning
Recreation – Francisco Urena

Vicki Cummings moved to approve the proposed slate of officers and committee chairs, which was seconded by Del Cummings. Motion was approved unanimously by all members present.

C.     Other

Unsung Hero and Heroine Awards for 2011 went to Steve Miller, NECKRA’s webmaster extraordinaire, and to Kristen and Tom Warner for their work on the race packet.

It was pointed out that the General Clinton Canoe Regatta in Bainbridge, New York, will have its 50th anniversary in 2012, which will be celebrated with many festivities.

4. Adjournment

Ellen Downes moved to adjourn the meeting, which was seconded by Tim Lewis.  Motion was approved unanimously by all members present.