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Summary of 2010 NECKRA Competition Meeting

November 13, 2010

Competition Meetings are open to all NECKRA members.  The meetings are a forum for considering and deciding on the specific changes to regulations for racing for the following year.  In attendance this year were:  Priscilla Reinertsen, Shawn Burke, Pam Browning, Peter Heed, Bob Allen, Dan Rabinkin, Steve Miller, Ted Van Dusen and Dave Grainger.  The following are the regulations that were approved:

1.  Steve Miller is NECKRA’s new webmaster.  Current information should be sent to Steve. Shawn Burke will post series points on the website. Note:  Finish 4 downriver races to qualify – your best 7 count.  Finish 5 flatwater races to qualify – your best 10 count. Eric Jones will handle downriver canoe points; Mark Wendolowski will handle downriver kayak points; Shawn Burke will handle flatwater points.

2.  Following a consideration of any regulations that NECKRA should impose on race directors relative to the classes of kayaks that they offer, it was decided that the race directors should continue to set their own classes.  USCA has already defined classes and specifications, which race directors may refer to. ( The NECKRA website and newsletter and race packet may be used to communicate established specifications for clarification’s sake.

3.  The current Best Race Director Practices list needs additions, clarifying protests and results.  Priscilla and Shawn were directed to rewrite these practices.  (These have been revised and appear below.)

4.  The 2011 NECKRA race packet will be mailed in mid-January. Look for new races and new race directors.

For clarity sake, the race packet indicates that when a C-2 boat is competing and only one paddler in the boat is a NECKRA member, age/sex handicaps for points series apply to only the NECKRA member.

5.  The competition meeting voted to send $200 to support Mark Wendolowski, who proudly represents NECKRA as a member of the US Wildwater Team.

6.  It was agreed to continue the -4.5 min./hr. C-1 handicap for flatwater.  Additionally, there will be a -3.5 min./hr. handicap for C-2 Stock.

7.  The next newsletter will be printed and mailed.  All subsequent issues will be electronic, reducing cost and labor.  Electronic newsletters necessitate current email addresses.  All members should be sure that their current mailing and email addresses are listed with the Deb Walton, NECKRA membership chair and secretary.       603-746-3207

NECKRA Race Director Best Practices
For Points Series Races

In the interest of safety, and to ensure a positive experience for all racers, NECKRA encourages the adoption of the following Best Practices for Point Series races:

1. Hold a pre-race meeting where the course is briefly described, starts explained, the PFD policy reiterated, and participants alerted to any course hazards.  The pre-race meeting may be held on-land or on-water at the Race Director’s discretion.

2. Race directors and/or timers should remain at the finish line until every racer has completed the course.  There should be a system in place for making sure that the course is clear of participants at the conclusion of the race.

3. Finishing times should be provided for review before the awards ceremony so that any timing or race category corrections can be made prior to the ceremony.

4. Any protests by race participants must be made prior to the awards ceremony. 

5. Race results should be posted to the “Paddlers Connection” Yahoo Group within 24 hours of the race, but no more than 3-4 days following the race.  Race Directors are encouraged to send a copy of race results to the NECKRA Webmaster, and to the appropriate Points scoring person.