Having Problems Viewing Results?

Some people have reported problems viewing race results and Points Series standings. The most common symptom is that they are presented with a Google Login screen, like the one shown above, instead of the race results.

Configure Browser to Accept Cookies

In most cases, this problem can be solved by changing the cookies settings of your browser. Some of the features used for displaying results requires that your browser be configured to accept 3rd party cookies. The following link explains how to do this for a variety of browsers:

What Are Cookies

Cookies are tiny bits of text stored on your PC by your web browser. They contain information such as user preferences or anything else a website needs to keep track of. The following is a pretty good overview of some facts and myths about cookies:

What If I Don't Like Cookies

Unfortunately, there are some features of the NECKRA website, which require the use of 3rd party cookies. For the most part, these have to do with race results. Eventually, text versions of the results will be posted, but these will typically lag in time due to the additional effort required to post the text versions. Typically, the race results can be posted in just a few minutes, while uploading and formatting the text versions can take 15-20 minutes.