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THUNDERBOLT X or T-Rex - West Side Boat Shop Posted 09/04/2020
Looking for THUNDERBOLT X or T Rex - West Side Boat Shop. $1000 Marcin Rybaczuk
(048) 888-6951

Epic V8 SURFSKI WANTED Posted 09/02/2020
Looking for an Epic V8 surfski in either Ultra or Elite construction. Can be in need of repair; reasonable price paid. Will travel within 600 miles of Maryland to collect surfski (or consider shipping). Thanks. $2500 Charlie Johnson
(301) 814-6140

Epic 18x Sport Posted 08/17/2020
in reasonable condition or better Ronald Piazza
(586) 246-4500

C-1 Wanted: Larger Volume Posted 05/24/2020
Looking for USCA C-1 with larger volume, like Wenonah J-210 or Savage River D2XX, D3XX with more stability at 200+lbs and long haul. Also considering C-1 stock such as GRB Classic XL, Wenonah Encounter, Wenonah Voyager and Savage River Blackwater. Condition negotiable.  Thanks. $700-1900 Scott Ide
(781) 858-5305

Stellar S14S Multisport Wanted Posted 05/23/2020
Late model in any color but pink. $750-1500 Ken Weissman
(646) 873-0211

Crozier V1 Posted 05/06/2020
Looking for a Crozier V1. I'm located in Michigan. $2000 Dave Smith
(989) 858-5240

Mad river IQ2 accessories Posted 03/18/2020
Tandem end bags and other IQ2 accessories. $0.00 Mike Mccown
(205) 602-7177

Cedar Strip Kayak Posted 03/09/2020
Looking for a 15 or 16' cedar strip kayak with a beam of 23" or less. Under 40 pounds. $2000 jim kemp
(248) 798-1905

17' or 18' Kevlar used canoe Posted 02/24/2020
Something light Dave Lamoureux
(617) 780-4494

Kayak Pro Ergometer Posted 01/09/2020
Looking for a used kayak pro ergometer in good shape. $1000 Garet Strouse
(301) 305-5425

17’ Wenonah Sundowner in Royalex Posted 12/15/2019
Condition negotiable. $500 Robert Michalec
(518) 530-2356

L.L. Bean Calypso, Eddyline Skylark or similar used Kayak Posted 12/08/2019
Seek to buy used recreational Kayak in the Rhode Island area.  Must be near RI for my pick-up. $500 Mike Rubin
(401) 439-0345

Kayak Ergometer Posted 12/02/2019
Seeking a used kayak ergometer. Fair price. $300 Justin Bibee
(802) 503-4030

Old slalom C1 Posted 06/24/2019
Looking for a slalom C1 from the days when they still looked like canoes, high ends per the pre-1973 rules. I might consider a downriver boat of the same vintage. $300-400 James Hute
(207) 671-2110

Sprint Canoe C1 Canadian Posted 06/22/2019
Looking for an Olympic C-1 (kneeling) canoe. Any condition, any material and any age.  Zero experience with one. I know they are tippy.  I live in NJ, 08402. $5000 John Swift
(609) 576-5333

For Sale

Two Kevlar layup WSBS Kayaks Posted 09/07/2020
EFT, used twice, red top paint, cover.
Delta, unused, red top paint, outfitted as sea kayak. $3500
John Crossen
(570) 660-7308

Kirton Tercel Posted 08/29/2020
17' x 20"  fast touring, fitness k1 trainer  stability level 10 molded skeg helps protect the low profile rudder. photos available. $900 Bob Mallon
(207) 935-3031

50" Zaveral outrigger paddle with cover Posted 08/29/2020
Zaveral carbon outrigger paddle with Paddle Me paddle cover. Medium weight, 50" length. Purchased in ~2000s. Was used as a steering paddle. Comes with cover. $150 Abby Kingman
(413) 210-4829

West Side Boat Shop X-Par Missile Posted 08/28/2020
Multi-condition racing kayak - Kevlar construction with under-stern rudder for steering. Designed to leave no wake footprint at 7-9 mph. Features include a foot-tiller bar footrest system for control, adjustable hung seat and leg straps. Cover included. 23’ L x 18” W (cockpit length is 30”) and weighs only 30 lbs. $1100 Adam Lord
(802) 373-0240

Cedar Wood Strip Kayak 14.75 Posted 08/19/2020
100% hand built from scratch using “strip-built” construction method.Included with this Kayak is a show grade wooden kayak paddle and a slip cover. Size: 177" length x 13.5" height x 24" width. Bow height: 13.5" Mid height: 9.5. $2000 Elo Nathan
(938) 393-9393

Epic v10 sport, Rack and paddle Posted 08/16/2020
2011 epic v10 sport 1G. Good boy v rack, all accessories with rack, Epic carbon paddle, and fold up surfski holder. $2000 Taylor Carlino
(413) 429-7038

Epic V8Pro Elite Posted 08/14/2020
Fast, stable, nice looking. Full carbon, only 23 lbs. 2018 in good condition, no repairs. This is a great ski for those looking to move up in performance and training. This boat sells for $5000+ shipping new. $3500 Steve Ray
(413) 441-3419

Huki S1-R Surfski Posted 07/21/2020
Orange and while Huki S1-R Surfski , new condition, stable and fast. Should have some experience paddling. 2 rudders - 9" for waves, 4" for calm water, Small Cockpit for paddlers that are slighter in build. $2950 Dennis Moriarty
(585) 469-1369

Wenonah V-1 pro Kevlar Posted 07/17/2020
Wenonah pro boat. Excellent condition. Try it out. Can send photos. Call or text Joe 508-341-7647. $2000 Joe Lukaszevicz
(508) 341-7647

Pratt P-17 Surf Ski Posted 07/12/2020
USLA Lifeguard Spec Surf Ski - brand new - 19ft long/ 19in wide Fully adjustable foot peddles - prefect condition.  $1200 (negotialble) Carmela Castro
(207) 228-3312

West Side Boat Shop EFT (Extra Fast Tourer) Posted 07/05/2020
Full Kevlar build. Boat as outfitted in pictures with upgrades is 32.8 lbs (bare boat is about 30 lbs) Included with the boat:
  • Upgraded Onno carbon fiber gas pedal stye steering.  Included is also the original tiler bar steering mechanism.
  • Custom sized travel/storage cover (covers the entire boat)
  • 2 air bladders (front & rear).
Rodney Villella
(917) 856-7018

Newman Grass River Wooden racing Canoe Posted 06/30/2020
For Sale by The East End Classic Boat Society ( Newman Grass River Wooden racing Canoe w/ 3 paddles. $1250
    Craigslist Ad
Pierce Hance
(631) 725-7746

Nelo K2 Viper Racing Kayak Posted 06/19/2020
2012 Carbon / Kevlar racing Kayak. Weighs 30.8 pounds. 21.3 feet by 1.8 feet wide. In good condition one area where the paint is chipped and another scrape on the bottom bow. Photos on request.  Used less than a dozen times. Comes with Custom made heavy construction cover (Paid 500$) Includes extra seat and foot straps. Very fast boat. Has been stored in its cover and in a garage since 2015. Serious inquires please. $2500 Mark White
(507) 259-8107

Epic 18X Ultra Kayak Posted 06/13/2020
Just over 30 lbs, some say this is one of the fastest touring kayaks made. About 15 yrs. old Little use. List is over $4500, and no longer available thru Epic. I'll text photos, $2695 OBO Steve Blazejewski
(413) 743-5900

Tahe high performance Posted 06/11/2020
Tahe beautiful boat high performance, only one owner. 17 ft-10in, 21 inch beam 33# super light!! Kevlar, no skeg, tracks well. $1200 Dianne Voikos
(508) 274-9333

Old Town Yankee Model Canoe 16' "Mint Condition" Posted 06/07/2020
Original 1941 Old Town Canoe. Dark Green. Two owners and been kept inside under cover. Photos available reach out by email. $1800 Richard Kilhart
(978) 790-1239

Kevlar racing canoe: Wabash Valley Posted 06/02/2020
Kevlar racing canoe with sliding seats.  18ft and only 31lbs! Bought this to start paddling with my wife.  Let's just say I'm looking for a solo now. I’m in lakes region of NH for the season. Text me for pics. Super light and fast canoe will go to best offer. $650 Michael Downey
(413) 314-3538

Struer Delta Sprint C1 Single Canadian Canoe Posted 05/31/2020
Struer Delta wood Veneer C1 very good condition. Ex GB team boat.  Collectors item or a great boat to start learning to paddle a high kneeler. With wood sprint C1 paddle. $1000 EloNa nathan
(345) 676-9876

16 foot fibergalss canoe with sailing rig and various paddles Posted 05/21/2020
The Canoe is probably 30 years old, fitted out for racing, oak seat and base for mast, rudder,  but also has a higher mast so one adult and one child can sit in it, various paddles: whitewater, ash beavertail, and detachable kayak paddle. $850 Lawrence Morse
(978) 729-9432

Wenonah Escapade and Old Wenonah c2 Jensen Race boat Posted 05/18/2020
Great condition Escapade with center seat, skid plates, sliding bow seat. Bought new to use in small local race 10 years ago but then found a Jensen 18 so used that instead. It's been paddled maybe 5 times. 16'6, 55 lbs, tufweave. $2699 new, asking $1500
I also have a 70's/early 80's Jensen c2 race boat. 18'6. This needs restoration. Gunwales need to be replaced but with a little effort could be awesome.  $400
Adam McFague
(978) 302-4121

Cedar Strip Surf Ski Posted 05/11/2020
16' X 21" Cedar strip surf ski. Made by a master craftsmen in 2019. It weighs 29 pounds and handles about like an Epic V8. This boat has both over stern and under stern rudders. A custom Good Boy surf ski rack is included. $2900 jim Kemp
(248) 798-1905

cedar strip C-2 Modified English 20 Posted 05/05/2020
very fast recreational boat. 2nd place New England Championships Rec. class. $400 walter moreau
(802) 823-5487

Baldwin Kevlar Kayak Posted 05/04/2020
17' Baldwin kevlar kayak  34#  with rudder  asking $950 Bob Mallon
(207) 935-3031

Epic V10L Posted 04/07/2020
Epic V10L surf ski designed for paddlers under 165 lb and a shorter leg length. (L means low volume).    20'2"long, 17.3".   Ski is in great shape, ready to go.  Includes back pad, foot pads. leash and stand. Stored in boat house at Canton,CT.   For more info please call. $1100 David Sinish
(860) 922-6170

Yakima Control Towers (2), Rail Grab (2) Posted 03/27/2020
2 Yakima Control Towers for attachment to Landing Pads (not included) and 2 Rail Grabs for attachment to vehicle roof side rails, both for use with round bars.  Used in very good condition, new van required different fixtures. $20 Alec Davis
(518) 321-6820

Paddleone C trainer Posted 03/01/2020
~12 years old, used very little. List price is around $1100. $600 Keith Durand
(617) 816-6527

Nelo Vanquish III SCS Posted 02/27/2020
Great condition, Nelo Vanquish III SCS for sale. All white, well maintained, pictures upon request. Asking $1600, can help deliver. Size is XL. Great for marathon paddling or Men's Sprint. $1600 Frank Latham
(614) 670-6231

OC1 outriggers Posted 02/24/2020
Two OC1 Outrigger Connections, one older Fuze model, one Zephyr newer one. Great workout boats. Need to get rid of. Paddling days are over. Also 17' fiberglass we-no-nah. Great race boat for conv class. Dave Lamoureux
(617) 780-4494

For sale 2013 Vespoli MatriX 26’ Single Sculling Row Boat Posted 01/20/2020
For sale 2013 Vespoli MatriX 26’ Single Sculling Row Boat,Blue-Green, Lightweight 150-180lbs, Wing Rigger. Comes complete with:
  • 1x Wing Rigger Bag
  • C2 Skinny Oars
  • Sculling Iara Bag
  • Vespoli Shoes with Pivot Stretchers
  • NK Speed Coach
  • Vespoli Sling (brand new);
  • 1x Single Boat Car Top Rack (brand new).
Asking $7500
zach lancey
(208) 515-2726

Nelo 560L Surfski Posted 01/12/2020
I'm selling my Nelo 560 surfski that is in great condition! No major scratches or damages, never repaired. Everything is in order; it is waiting for its new owner. I'm selling it because I went out 6 times with it in the last 2 years (I usually go out with my k1). Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested! $1999 Victor Desaulniers
(305) 335-3627

NELO Viper 55 Sprint Kayak / Canoe - Brand New Posted 11/11/2019
Brand new NELO Viper 55. Imported from Portugal in 2016. Has been stored in the barn ever since. Stickers, bubble wrap, and packaging still attached. Never been in the water. 100% perfect new condition. White color. Located in Charleston, SC. Pictures are available upon request. $2800
   Craigslist Listing
Joe Moore
(843) 637-7269

NELO K1 Cinco Paracanoe - F Construction - Large - Brand new. Posted 11/11/2019
Imported from Portugal in 2016.  Has been stored indoors ever since.  Has never been in the water.  Stickers, bubble wrap, and other packaging still attached.  Beautiful light grey color.  Located in Charleston, SC.  Size is Large.  Pictures available. $3000
   Nelo Constructions
Joe Moore
(843) 637-7269

Braca VIII min Posted 10/28/2019
I'm selling my braca VIII min paddle 215-225cm. I've tried many paddles from jantex gamma to braca IV and I can tell you that this paddle will give you amazing paddling feelings! It is very easy to paddle and the slightly softer catch is great for those with fragile shoulders. This is personally my go-to paddle for anything from sprint to long distance. I'm selling this one to get another one (bigger size). The paddle is in great shape with no major dings or scratches. Don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested. $250 Victor Desaulniers
(305) 335-3627

Perception Mirage Posted 10/20/2019
A classic. Perception Mirage for sale. Still plenty of river in this boat. In western MA. $150 or best reasonable offer. Would love to see this boat get used. $150 Tom Schiff
(413) 695-6444

Epic V10L Gen1 Performance Surfski Posted 10/09/2019
Fantastic condition Epic V10L Gen1 Performance surfski. Just replaced the deck rigging and rudder “hatch” cover and ring. Will include both the universal rudder and weedless rudder with weed guard as well as an extra footboard. Willing to deliver a short distance from 02777. $1995

More Info
Kris Carlson
(617) 678-9795

2 Vajda Voyageur K1 Racing Kayaks with Carbon Paddles Posted 10/09/2019
We have 2 Vajda Voyageur K1 Racing Kayaks with Carbon Paddles.  We paid $4,316 for everything but willing to take $2000 for both ($1000 each).  We are a non profit that takes wounded veterans hiking, cycling, kayaking and all funds would go to general operations.  We no longer need these boats as or program director who managed this program has moved on and we don't have the staff to continue it. $2000
Pickup will be at our location in Windham, NY.  Preferably before the snow flies.

More Info
Josh Misevcis
(518) 734-5070

Zaveral Power Surge Pro Posted 10/08/2019
48 inch X 8.25   Used twice, like new. $200 Wallace Houghton
(404) 225-1289

epic v12 1st gen Posted 10/07/2019
ultra layup,good shape,has extra rudder. $1,150 jerry madore
(508) 612-3425

Diller racing canoe Posted 10/07/2019
18'6" Diller SCR Standard racing class USCA Nationals winner, carbon fiber gunwales with bailer, and cover, stored inside, excellent condition. $800 Dave Lamoureux
Call Scott: 1-978-852-6761

Nelo 550 Posted 10/03/2019
Selling my year old Nelo 550.  Also, willing to trade for V10, V10 sport, Stellar SR, V8 Pro, or Think Evo. Sell outright for $2400. Kevin Wolfe
(717) 649-3226

K-2 Olympic Sprint Kayak for Sale Posted 09/29/2019
Very well cared for Wenonah K-2 Olympic Sprint Kayak.  It is a Kevlar foam core hull with blue deck.  While the boat was purchased new in the mid 90's the boat is still like new.  The rudder system was converted to one by Van Dusen.  The boat is stiff and fast!  (pictures available upon request). $1600 Braden Kattman
(860) 280-8059

Epic V10 Sport- Current model Posted 09/28/2019
Epic V10 Sport Surfski for sale - Latest Edition. Includes:
  • Goodboy Car rack and accessories. Shims for rack, driving flags front and rear, pads for rear hatch and industrial bungees for tie downs.
  • Carbon paddle and paddle bag.
  • Two fins: flat water with slight scuffing and downwind/surf fin.
  • Stick on ventral fin for additional tracking if wanted.
Condition: One shallow scratch on the bottom and one tiny chip in gel coat. Otherwise better than excellent condition. Like new. Total package would be close to $5,500.00 new. $3900
Marta Downing
(603) 781-8046

DR canoes for sale Posted 09/17/2019
2005 16' royalex Penobscot set up solo, sliding seat
2003 17' royalex Wenonah Sundowner, sliding bow seat, couple of stern scrapes
$650 each
Robert Mitchell
(845) 663-7470

two lightly used Baldwin down river kayaks Posted 09/16/2019
Two of the last few he made.  13 feet 2 inches long, these are stable and track well, fast and idea for lakes, rivers and the near ocean. They were designed to race downriver in a short kayak class. Satin cloth fiber glass lay-up, very good condition, used very little, kept in a boat house, includes a LH and a RH paddle, $500 each, $900 for both, currently in Greensboro, VT. PHOTOS AVAILABLE. $500 Robert Brundage
(845) 331-5316

2 race boats Posted 09/10/2019
18' Savage River Blackhawk Fiberglass ... Excellent cond ... $1000 18' 6' older Wenonah Race boat Excellent cond ... hardly used ... $600 Andy Ouellete
978-223-3619 cell
978-388-5769 home

Stellar S18s Surfski/Kayak with Jantex wing paddle Posted 09/09/2019
Located in Norwell, Massachusetts. Stellar S18s surfski in Advantage layup so only 27.6 pounds! 18' long by 20.2" wide. Includes Jantex full carbon fiber wing paddle. Boat also includes over the stern rudder with lines run for shallow water racing/fitness paddling. A back band for longer paddles is also included. All in very good shape! Paddle will only be sold separate after sale of the ski. New cost for boat alone is $3,500! $2500 Matt Melvin
(781) 424-9614

16ft old town yankee canvas canoe Posted 09/03/2019
Old town yankee canoe green 16 ft length, original caned seats, purchased 1941 one family owner  mint condition must see. $2175 Richard Kilhart
(413) 325-3611

Stellar SES ULTRA Surf Ski Posted 09/02/2019
Excellent condition, Fast & light. Proven winning boat. Cover included. New sells for $5150  Don’t miss this deal. $2600 Holly Brouker
(413) 281-2028

v10 sport for sale Posted 08/28/2019
epic v10 surfski,gen 2,4 in. weedless rudder,weed guard,bungees,good cond. $1700 joe ervin
(732) 528-7535

epic v12 1st gen Posted 08/27/2019
will trade for v10l,v10,stellar sel,ses,sei or other similar stability ski or sell outright for 1350 Jerry Madore
(508) 612-3425

canoe paddles & covers Posted 08/13/2019
Levas - 46 inch $200
Zaveral - 47 inch - red grip $160
Zaveral Power Surge Pro - 48.5 inch $260
Zaveral Power Surge Pro - 49 inch $260
Canoe Paddle Bags - fits 2 or 4 paddles $20-$30
joe shaw
(413) 537-8821

Wabash Valley tandem Kevlar racing canoe. Posted 08/03/2019
18 ft., 35 lbs., sliding seats, cedar gunnels. Very good condition. $525 Frances Herbert
(802) 254-8663

Epix 18X Posted 07/29/2019
Epic 18X for sale. Located in Cheshire, MA. Was used for a year before moving to somewhere without the boat and it has sat inside in a boat cover since. Comes with the boat cover custom made for the boat. E-mail with any questions. $1500 Steven Bedard
(413) 449-4024

2018 Current Designs Unity tandem sea kayak Posted 07/27/2019
I'm selling a Current Designs Unity 2-person sea kayak. It's very fast and stable and has the "Dimension" adjustable seats.  It tracks well (fast) and it's impossible for the paddles to hit from the front and rear paddlers. It's in great shape - it's been mounted indoors on wide straps for storage and the gelcoat is in good condition. Includes 2 paddles, one with a carbon fiber shaft. $2100 Brian Sunderland
(401) 556-5400

Kevlar WSBS Dart racing kayak Posted 07/12/2019
West Side Boat Shop model Dart.  Extremely light weight Kevlar marathon racing/K1 trainer.  Good shape, ready for the water. $400 Ben Randall
(207) 375-7147

Betsie Bay Recluse Kayak For Sale Posted 07/10/2019
Super Light Greenland Style Sea Kayak, built/bought 2007/original owner; 19' long and 20 1/2" wide; weight 30 to 34 lbs.; Paddler weight 175 lbs. & greater; Excellent Condition (stored indoors/only fresh water use); $2400 ($4000 new); Includes cockpit cover, spray skirt, & Greenland paddle; More Photos available on request; In Albany, NY area; Meet half way possible. $2400 Charlie Cummins
(518) 234-9235

Hybrid Kayak Posted 07/10/2019
Merganser hybrid kayak for sale, 16'-6" x 21". Excellent for light weight paddlers. Excellent condition: only used a couple of times. Can email pictures. Asking $3000 OBRO Ken Such
(860) 377-2973

2004, HUKI S1-X, 25lbs Carbon Posted 07/08/2019
In excellent condition, always stored inside. Used many time for the Blackburn Race. Its an older model specifically built for an inseam of 33"-35". $995 Ken Cooper
(978) 549-5968

We-No Nah Kevlar Race Canoe. Posted 06/18/2019
Well cared for Tandem Race Canoe w/ self bailer. Wood gunnels, adjustable seats in really good condition. Stored inside. A fast boat and fun to paddle. $1600 David Damore
(860) 307-5870

Futura Fiberglass "Spectrum" Surf Ski Posted 06/17/2019
Futura “Spectrum” Fiberglass Surf Ski w/Foot Controlled Rudder System, Blue
I picked this Surf Ski up at an estate sale so I don’t know a whole lot about it. It is as light as a feather and made of fiberglass. It has a foot controlled rudder system that works flawlessly. Overall it’s in excellent condition. It’s a very long, slender, sleek boat that I imagine is fast as lightning. I’m sure it’s worth much more than I’m asking for it but I’d rather it go to someone who will use it and knows about it. This ski is NOT for a beginner paddler, even I tipped over when I tried to paddle it so you will need to be experienced with this kind of Ski. If you are interested or can give me any more information about this kayak, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m always looking to educate myself on boats I’ve never seen or paddled. I know its an older model that is no longer made but I’m willing to bet its made better than anything coming off the assembly line today. Again, this Surf Ski is NOT for the beginner paddler. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to Specs: Type: Surf Ski Length: 19’ Width: 18” Weight: Featherlight but not sure exact weight Approx. Retail Price $3000. Asking $699 OBO
Andy Belfus
(215) 738-4349

16' Looksha Necky Posted 06/11/2019
great shape, red. $550 jim samler
(802) 377-0395

THUNDERBOLT X Posted 05/24/2019
Created by modifying the underwater sections of the standard Thunderbolt, this all-weather, all-season marathon racing kayak is faster yet. A narrowing and sharpening of the front section of the hull reduces entry drag and bow wave size resulting in improved glide and less resistance. Add this up and you drop 6-8 seconds per mile over the standard Thunderbolt at 7-9 miles per hour, in calm water. Specifications: Length: 21', Waterline Length: 20'6", Width: 18", Cockpit: 36", Weight: 26lbs. $1200 Giovanni Taylor
(617) 901-5234

Kruger Cruiser (2-man canoe) Posted 05/08/2019
Excellent condition - used less than 5 times 18' 6" with rudder DuPont Kevlar 49 fabric and high-impact vinyl ester resin (Derakane) for durability and crack-resistance.  The hull and the deck are bonded together with 3 layers of Kevlar. $7000 Jeff Gibson
(252) 548-0851