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c-1 wanted Posted 05/13/2019
competitive c-1 wanted, 18'6" preferably in carbon. I know someone has one some where that does not get used, I'll give it a good home. $2000 jerry madore
(508) 612-3425

Crozier P3 Posted 06/02/2018
Does anyone have an old Crozier P3 hanging in the garage (that they don't want) I know Everret did not make very many, but its worth a try. Could be carbon or Kevlar. $1000 Lynn Carey
(406) 677-2343

youth carbon paddle Posted 04/04/2018
My niece is 9 yrs. old and about 4' tall and wants to do the NECKRA adult/youth mini-series with me this year. If you have a short paddle your youth paddler has outgrown, please be in touch with me. $50 Mark Williams
(603) 515-6692

For Sale

Nelo, Vanquish Vintage, Size Large, Posted 06/18/2019
Nelo WWR Layup. Not one scratch. White deck, clear carbon fiber hull. $1500 Ken Cooper
(978) 549-5968

Epic V-10Sport , Epic’s Ultra Layup (Red bow) Posted 06/18/2019
Surf ski, 4 years old, seldom padded, in good condition. $1500 Ken Cooper
(978) 549-5968

We-No Nah Kevlar Race Canoe. Posted 06/18/2019
Well cared for Tandem Race Canoe w/ self bailer. Wood gunnels, adjustable seats in really good condition. Stored inside. A fast boat and fun to paddle. $1600 David Damore
(860) 307-5870

Futura Fiberglass "Spectrum" Surf Ski Posted 06/17/2019
Futura “Spectrum” Fiberglass Surf Ski w/Foot Controlled Rudder System, Blue
I picked this Surf Ski up at an estate sale so I don’t know a whole lot about it. It is as light as a feather and made of fiberglass. It has a foot controlled rudder system that works flawlessly. Overall it’s in excellent condition. It’s a very long, slender, sleek boat that I imagine is fast as lightning. I’m sure it’s worth much more than I’m asking for it but I’d rather it go to someone who will use it and knows about it. This ski is NOT for a beginner paddler, even I tipped over when I tried to paddle it so you will need to be experienced with this kind of Ski. If you are interested or can give me any more information about this kayak, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m always looking to educate myself on boats I’ve never seen or paddled. I know its an older model that is no longer made but I’m willing to bet its made better than anything coming off the assembly line today. Again, this Surf Ski is NOT for the beginner paddler. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to Specs: Type: Surf Ski Length: 19’ Width: 18” Weight: Featherlight but not sure exact weight Approx. Retail Price $3000. Asking $699 OBO
Andy Belfus
(215) 738-4349

Canoe Posted 06/13/2019
We-no-nah 17ft racing canoe sliding seats water holders great cond fiberglass used for racing in conventional class color blue excellent condition bought from mixed team in Maine $300 in newburyport ma. $300 Dave Lamoureux617
(617) 78044948

16' Looksha Necky Posted 06/11/2019
great shape, red. $550 jim samler
(802) 377-0395

West Side Boat Shop Thunderbolt Posted 06/03/2019
West Side Boat Shop Thunderbolt kayak. 21' L and just 27 lbs Excellent condition, seating improved with custom outfitting. Includes storage bag. Pictures on request. $1200 OBRO Bruce Lindwall
(802) 586-9930

Racing canoe Posted 05/30/2019
18 ft 6in Diller SCR standard class racer carbon gunnels & seats with bailer and cover good condition stored inside. $1000 Scott Ricker
(978) 852-6761

Westside Boats EFT Extra Fast Touring Posted 05/30/2019
Boat is in very good condition. Garaged. Minor surface blemishes.  Website notes: "Cruise, lightly loaded at 6-7.5 miles per hour with 8 mph possible with a well trained paddler." $2500 OBO Jim Barrese
(973) 303-5052

1988 Wenonah Sundowner 16’6” Kevlar Posted 05/28/2019
Kevlar, bucket seats, padded carry yoke, wood gunwales Only 43-1/2 pounds! Length 16' 6', maximum width 34", gunwale width 32", 4" waterline width 32 1/4 ", bow height 20", stern height 17", center depth 13 1/2" This canoe is a steal.  A friend took it in trade for a bad debt and never used it, instead leaving the canoe on the ground behind his woodshed for almost 30 years while the gunwales rotted.  He finally moved to Florida and sold me the hull.  Now it’s a canoe again with new full-length Wenonah outwales and new inwales and deck plate ahead of the bow seat.   Looks good and paddles great!  And the light weight makes car-topping a breeze. If I didn’t already own four Kevlar tandem canoes, I’d keep this boat.  My surplus is your opportunity. The hull is faded but entirely intact- no scratches or dings because it was so infrequently, if ever, used. Please see the discussion regarding the Wenonah Sundowner 16’6” at: . $1200 Aims Coney
(978) 618-2256

15.5' Vintage Royalex Canoe - Front Royal Canoe - Great Condition Posted 05/27/2019
I have a royalex canoe from Front Royal Canoe that I bought 2 summers ago and honestly, haven't put it in the water. It is has been stored inside and previously very well cared for. Beautiful wooden gunwales and woven seats. A few scratches on the underside skin. Not a big deal and to be expected on a 30+ year old canoe. I have 3 paddles to go along with it as well as a few extras like straps and foam blocks to mount to your car roof. $1000, pretty firm Joshua Bryant
(503) 3818989

THUNDERBOLT X Posted 05/24/2019
Created by modifying the underwater sections of the standard Thunderbolt, this all-weather, all-season marathon racing kayak is faster yet. A narrowing and sharpening of the front section of the hull reduces entry drag and bow wave size resulting in improved glide and less resistance. Add this up and you drop 6-8 seconds per mile over the standard Thunderbolt at 7-9 miles per hour, in calm water. Specifications: Length: 21', Waterline Length: 20'6", Width: 18", Cockpit: 36", Weight: 26lbs. $1200 Giovanni Taylor
(617) 901-5234

Diller Carbon C1 Posted 05/24/2019
2001 Diller C1\. Canoe is in very good condition. 18.5  feet, and about 18pounds in weight. Has black aluminum rails, sliding seat, and bailer. Boat is in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Paul Clott
(812) 5842577

Wenonah Fisherman Tuf-Weave Canoe Posted 05/14/2019
Wenonah Fisherman Tuf-weave canoe, green, about 30 years old but very little use and in good condition. $600 Phillip Bricker
(413) 244-3151

18'6" Carbon DC Cruiser Updated 05/12/2019
This is a Savage River Canoe , fast as a Pro Boat, but built to amateur specs. It is approx. 15-18 yrs. old. It was paddled twice, put in a cover, and stored in a barn since! It is virtually a new canoe. All carbon, seats, gunnels, 25 lbs approx. Moving foot brace, rear dam, bailer, cover. It is over $4000, today. I'm asking $2750 OBO Steve Blazejewski
(413) 743-5900

Kruger Cruiser (2-man canoe) Posted 05/08/2019
Excellent condition - used less than 5 times 18' 6" with rudder DuPont Kevlar 49 fabric and high-impact vinyl ester resin (Derakane) for durability and crack-resistance.  The hull and the deck are bonded together with 3 layers of Kevlar. $7000 Jeff Gibson
(252) 548-0851

Nelo 550 surf ski for sale Posted 04/30/2019
As new Nelo 550 Surfski - No scratches and in very good condition. 18.31 Feet, 25Ilbs, 18 " wide. Great stability and good handling capability. This is the latest Nelo design, the boat is shorter and handles turns really well. The ski is classed as intermediate. As new cost was $3550, looking for $2500 Nick Hindley
(570) 209-6131

Mohawk K1 Posted 04/30/2019
Simon River Sports Mohawk K-1 with a van duesen kick up rudder. $750 Ben Pigott
(413) 446-4345

Kayak Pro Kayak Erg Posted 04/30/2019
Used Kayak Pro Kayak Erg good shape. $1000 Ben Pigott
(413) 446-4345

Savage River J.D cruise Posted 04/24/2019
Savage River J.d Cruise, carbon w/wood gunnels. Front and rear bailers, Adjustable seats and foot rest. Few scratches and dings on the bottom. Used it for the 90 millers, with great fun. Time to move on. Located in Montreal. $1500 sebastien rochon
(514) 7156470

Eagle 2 K1 And Wing paddles Posted 04/20/2019
Fiberglass Eagle 2 Olympic K1 built in South Africa. Comes with 2 wing paddles. Kick-up rudder. Training floats. One long scratch along keel. Ready to paddle. Located in Hartford CT area. Pictures available. $750 Mark Prosachik
(845) 231-1096

Betsie Bay Recluse For Sale Posted 04/17/2019
Opportunity to own a Greenland Style Outfitted Boat; built/bought 2007/original owner; 19' long and 20 1/2" wide; weight 30 to 34 lbs.; Paddler weight 175 lbs. & greater; with spray skirt, cockpit cover, Greenland Paddle (Tuktu), Brooks Tuilik (large), and other accessories; Excellent Condition (stored indoors/only fresh water use); $2750 ($4500 value); Photos available on request; Contact Charlie 518-234-9235 in Albany, NY area; Meet half way possible. $2750 Charlie Cummins
(518) 234-9235

Wenonah Mixer For Sale Posted 04/14/2019
18' 6" Wenonah Mixer Built in 1986\. Good Condition. Stored inside in a heated space. Ready to go! Travel cover included. Need to sell and use money for another boat. $800 David Lockwood
(401) 497-3098

Stellar SEL Surfski Posted 04/05/2019
Good Condition SEL, both rudders 1st generation. $1500 Ben Pigott
(413) 446-4345

Barton Bullet Posted 03/31/2019
Barton Bullet C2 18'6 pro boat. Good condition. Sliding seats, bailer, jug holders, spray deck, normal wear. Reach out for photos! $1500 Tim Garland
(603) 762-3998

Old Town 16' Penobscot ABS Posted 03/29/2019
Red, approx 59 lbs. As clean as a new one, Stored in a barn, used 3 times. Desirable Royalex hull. $1800 OBO Steve Blazejewski
(413) 743-5900

Stellar SEI - Advantage Updated 3/27/2019
Very good condition - a few surface scratches on bottom of hull.   Located in Springfield MA. $1150 Jeff Shenberger
(717) 919-7278

Stellar S16 Multisport Posted 03/02/2019
Selling a lightly used Stellar S16 kayak in the carbon/kevlar multisport layup. 37.5lbs, length x 16'.3", width x 22.1". Boat is in great condition. Orange deck with grey center stripe, clear coat hull. $1600 Andrew Cooper
(207) 332-7755

2005/2006? RIOT STEALTH Posted 02/23/2019
Length approx. 13'5" ,  good condition Used for recreation and also used in some of the NECKRA down river racing events. Paddle and neoprene spray skirt included. $300 Steven Arcell
(860) 729-6419

Kayak ergometer / indoor trainer Posted 02/04/2019
Home made kayak ergometer made from a converted Nordic Track ski machine.  I'm selling 1 of the 2 I built in order to film and instructional "how to" video.  I travel to the Boston area often and can likely deliver it for an extra $25 if you are willing to wait until the next time I'm in the area. It is the one in the first picture on the link: $400 Dave Dolak
(434) 975-6584

Canoe tripping equipment Posted 01/28/2019
I have a variety of used but not abused gear from our tripping 'careers'. Email me if interested. Thanks, Ernie Ernest Harris

Paddling Ergometer Posted 10/18/2018
Paddling machine,beautifully made by Concept One, I think , from back when 100 canoes would show up for a race. (No kayaks) Great condition! Train all winter with this stroke specific device. Hard to find. $325 Steve Blazejewski
(413) 743-5900

Van Dusen Mohican Posted 10/01/2018
This boat is in great condition. These boats are hard to find especially at this price.  It is ranked as one of the fastest if not the fastest flat water racing boats you can buy. Boat comes with pedal steering,  bailer, under-stern and over-stern (kick-up) rudders, seat pad, watch/gps holder, water bottle holder,  bungee life jacket holder and a go-pro camera mount.  It is around 25 lbs. and is race ready.  It was designed to be a very fast yet stable boat for flat water racing. Price is $4,000 David Wiltey
(518) 762-1237

Wenonah C-1 17' Kevlar Posted 10/01/2018
Just in, another beautiful C-1.  20 yrs old and maybe 6 scratches. 17' Encounter. only made for about3-4 yrs. Designed by Dave Kruger, fast, deep dry, approx. 36#. Wood trim. Over $3000 if new. Can text pics. $1950 OBO Steve Blazejewski
(413) 743-5900

Epic  V8  Surfski Posted 09/10/2018
Great condition! Performance model. Approx 34 lbs. No scratches, ready to go! Entry level to expert paddlers will love this boat! List approx $3400, I'm asking $2400. Steve Blazejewski
(413) 743-5900

18'6 Wenonah Kevlar Cruiser Posted 09/10/2018
Over 25 yrs old, but not in bad shape. One small patch on side . Some roughness / repairs on gunnel, but all there, and ready to paddle.  #32 lbs. Call and I'll text pics. $649 OBO Steve Blazejewski
(413) 743-5900

Impex Currituck 17 Sea Kayak also Werner Carbon Kayak Paddle Posted 08/30/2018
Impx Currituck 17’ Sea Kayak Very nice condition.  Selling due to back surgery. Asking $995/best offer for Boat. Carbon Fiber Werner Kayak Paddle $350 like new Happy to email photos. $995 Tim McElroy
(413) 335-6402

Cedar Strip Jensen C-1 Built By Bob Morris Posted 08/26/2018
Beautiful ~2001 custom cedar strip marathon C-1 for sale. Built by Bob Morris, on a Jensen design.  Built for someone 125-165lb, 5’6″-6' depending on proportion. Paddles beautifully. I just don’t paddle it as much as it deserves. It was custom built for the wife of an avid C-1 racer but she didn’t paddle it much so he sold it to me. I have not paddled it much because I went to grad school and moved away from the C-1 world. It’s been stored high and dry and happy in a cover. Comes with Bag Lady cover, 2003 ultralight carbon bent shaft paddle and water jug holder. Priced very reasonably for a quick sale. Picts on the website. $1000 Rosi Kerr
(802) 359-2866

used Nelo ICF racing kayak Posted 08/25/2018
Nelo Vanquish 2- WWR layup- durable and relatively light at about 20 pounds. Yellow in good condition. ML volume. This was the top sprint design a few years ago and is still competitive. $700 David Vandorpe
(617) 5136549

Tandem (K2) Sprint/ICF Racing Kayak Posted 08/15/2018
This is a Kevlar layup Stiletto K2 built in England by Gaybo Kayaks.  Typical racing tiller and under the stern rudder system with fully adjustable seats.  The color is a muted white with diagonal black stripes across the deck. Pictures upon request.  Boat is located in New York's Albany/Utica/Saratoga area.  Good yet used condition. $1,200 Joe Galea
(518) 774-7991

Cedar Strip Tandem Canoe Posted 08/07/2018
Hazen design 18' Abanaki design. Built in  2015. Long, light and slender. fast and responsive. 18ft 3 inches long x 33.5 inches wide Weighs 47lbs. Pictures and more details available. $3500 Mike Sussman
(207) 504-6061

Wenonah mixer Posted 07/31/2018
Wenonah V1-A mixer.  Older, some repairs.  Can provide serial # if helpful.  Cover included. $650 eric schulz
(8022) 635-2292

Epic V-10 (1G) Posted 07/11/2018
Epic V-10 first generation, 21'4" X 17" 33lbs. This is an early V-10 with some professional hull repair, you can see different shades of white in the gelcoat but run your hand over hull and it feels perfect. solid ski no leaks etc. Photos available, located in Granby CT. $1000 John Marona
(860) 306-3626

Epic V10 Sport Posted 07/01/2018
Generation 1 V10 Sport in great shape. Ultra layup. No scratches or dings. Aways stored indoors. Very, very, low miles. This is considered the best handling and fastest of the non racing surf skis. Good choice for a kayaker looking to try a ski that is stable, efficient and can handle rough water conditions. Located in Essex, CT. I am happy to send photos. Local pick or can deliver up to 50 miles once sold. $1000 Gerry Polinsky
(860) 235-0430

epic V 10 ultra surfski for sale Posted 05/24/2018
epic V10 ultra surfski,25 lbs,bungees,weedless rudder,weed guard,pad,good condition,local pickup only. $1500. joe ervin
(732) 528-7535
(732) 616-9573

Huron Cedar Canoe Posted 05/22/2018
15'8" Canadian made by Rheaume,  Cedar Huron Canoe Very good shape always stored indoors. Photos available upon request. $1200 Gary Mazzone
(860) 306-7266

Wilderness Systems Tsunami (W) with rudder, & cover. Posted 05/21/2018
Women's Wilderness systems Tsunami.  Stored indoors, seldom used, with rudder and cover.  Pics available. Original owner. $999 Christine Tobin
(413) 441-2938

Crozier C2 Posted 05/21/2018
Crozier C2, adjustable seats and foot beds.  Stored indoors, seldom used (retired), excellent condition. $2999 Christine Tobin
(413) 441-2938

Epic ML K2 excellent shape Posted 05/16/2018
This is not a sale! Looking to swap our gently used Epic ML ICF K2 to a bigger kayak of same type, preferably XL. $3000 Andriy Lyssikov
(908) 723-4432

GRB Newman Classic XL Canoe Posted 05/12/2018
Recent model (10 years old?) GRB (Grasse River Boats) Classic XL in carbon black with spruce inwales. Can race in Marathon Stock Class (solo). One owner, stored indoors hanging upside down covered. Always covered (Bag Lady brown cover included)! 25 lbs approximately. Used perhaps a half dozen times for training. Perhaps a superficial scratch somewhere, but nothing significant. Top quality Lightweight Zaveral paddle. $3000+ worth of gear in stock - one place - perfect condition. Get it in time for the General Clinton!. $2400 Bill Adamsen
(917) 7964284

Brand New Epic V8 Ultra -- $1,000 off list Posted 05/04/2018
I bought two new Epic V8 Ultras a couple years ago. One I currently paddle out of Marblehead--great ski!-- and the other I was going to use on Cape Cod. I never did take it down to the Cape and I'm no longer planning to. That V8 Ultra was never unwrapped and is warehoused at the Kayak Learning Center in Beverly, MA. Cash, please. $2895 Preston Ford

Voyager/War Canoe Posted 04/11/2018
26 foot long cedar strip Voyager/War canoe.  Can be run with 6 or 8 people.  Has 4 siingle padded seats and 2 double padded seats, adjustable foot braces.  Includes LL Bean portage wheels, trailer with storage box.  $5000.  Roger Henry 518 399-0798. $5000 Roger Henry
(518) 3990798

Kayak Pro ICF Sprint Boat Posted 04/08/2018
Kayak Pro Brand, Carbon/Kevlar, cockpit cover and spray skirt included. Ideally suited for 155-175 lbs. Like new condition. $1500 Joe Warren
(828) 712-8045

West Side Boat Shop Thunderbolt Posted 04/08/2018
Carbon/Kevlar, over stern and under stern rudders, boat cover, cockpit cover, and spray skirt included. Excellent condition, always kept inside/covered. $1500 Joe Warren
(828) 712-8045

West Side Boat Shop X Par Missile / Excellent Condition Posted 04/04/2018
X Par Missile Excellent condition. Boat is clear Kevlar with hardly a scratch, Under stern Rudder. I have two of them but I only need one. Can help with delivery. $975 peter beal

Gillies Pro Boat Posted 03/03/2018
Gillies Pro Boat - built by Mark Rimer Race ready - sliding seats, cover, jug holders. $1900 joe shaw
(413) 537-8821

Nelo K1 Viper 55 Posted 02/20/2018
Very good condition.  In water four times.  Boat is too small for me.  Boat three years old.  Unused last two years. Stored in bag, in cellar.  Boat, bag, Epic paddle.  $1,900 Larry Johnson
(802) 442-8598

Kayak Erg - Kayakpro Posted 01/19/2018
For sale is my kayak pro Erg. It is the older style but is works well. I have used it to train on for the last few years. Excellent for winter training and for the times you cannot get to the water. $300 Michael Dostal
(617) 680-3419

2 wetsuits Posted 01/18/2018
Men's Extra Large NRS Titanium Ultra wet suit- front zipper and leg zippers Woman's Large Polaris wet suit-back zipper. $25 Vicki Cummings
(203) 634-3893

dry suit Posted 01/18/2018
Men's large dry suit in excellent condition. Red with back zipper. Rubber booties and neck/arms in excellent condition (like new!). I'd be happy to send pictures. $200 Vicki Cummings
(203) 634-3893