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Jensen C-1 Posted 03/23/2017
Prefer a fiberglass Jensen C-1 (like Mohawk or similar). $1500 Bruce Weinel
(727) 240-8142

2 person fully outfitted racing canoe Posted 02/15/2017
I am looking for a two person racing canoe, in the Ohio/ Michigan area for the Ausable river canoe marathon. The average weight is 170lbs. We don't have anything yet and would like to start training asap. We are newbies but are going to catch on quickly, so we need a competitive set-up. My friends are looking for a similar set up also. They weigh around 180 to 190 ave. Thanks. $2000 Kevin Loeffler
(419) 3245245

Diller 18'6" c-1 canoe Posted 01/31/2017
c-1 that best suits body weight of 172 lbs. 6' in height. $800 Russell Marcy
(607) 544-4686

Epic Endurance 18 - Kevlar Posted 11/08/2016
Looking for an older kevlar Epic 18 Endurance. I do long distance touring and some racing. This is a great boat for both and I'm hoping to find someone who is ready to part with theirs. $1200-$2000 Joanna Ezinga
(518) 6101355

solo touring canoe Posted 09/12/2016
Looking for a used, lightweight solo touring hull, such as a Wenonah Advantage. $1000 Tom Conroy
(203) 530-4972

Crozier V1A Posted 08/26/2016
Looking for C2 Crozier V1A in good condition Nick Hindley
(570) 209-6131

Olympic C-1 Wanted Posted 08/16/2016
Wanted Olympic C-1 Kneeling Canoe. Any condition any age. I understand they are very tippy. Willing to pay for the value. $100 John Swift
(609 ) 576-5333

Wanted - OC-1 single outrigger canoe Posted 08/06/2016
I'm looking for a used, reasonably priced, one man outrigger canoe (OC-1). I actually want to get it to Miami so if it's there that's fine (I live in Boston). Thanks!. $Negotiable David Boccuti
(781) 354-0510

Race Ready C1 Canoe Posted 08/01/2016
Looking for a C1 canoe that meets ICF racing specs. Max length 520cm, Width 30-40cm, Max weight 14kg. $800 Tony Kauth
(920) 716-9162

SUP min. 26" w Posted 06/14/2016
For fitness and occasional flatwater racing on rivers/lakes. Weight: 185. under $800.00 Tom Walton
(603) 223-1537

Well used Sprint K2 Posted 02/01/2016
Wanted well used Sprint K2, for training and project boat. Prefer Size M for less than $1200. Brad Rex
(337) 781-8075

For Sale
Epic 16X Posted 10/06/2017
Epic 16X kayak. 16' x 23", 41 lbs. Bow and stern hatch. Epic Track Master steering system (think steerable skeg). Color white over white with red trim. A few minor abrasion/ding areas and a couple gelcoat repairs but great condition. Photos available. Camden, ME area. MSRP $3395. Used. $1600 Cheryl Levin
(207) 691-4886

West Side Boat Shop Javelin Posted 10/06/2017
Javelin. 17' x 20". Olympic Sprint Racing kayak. Designed in Great Britain for sprint and long distance racing. A relatively stable design, which makes it best for long marathon races, especially where wind and rough water are a factor. Large volume for paddlers of any weight. Adjustable seat, over stern (kick-up) rudder. Photos available. Camden, ME area. MSRP $2300. Excellent condition. Used. $1700 Cheryl Levin
(207) 691-4886

West Side Boat Shop EFT Posted 10/06/2017
Kevlar Carbon E.F.T. (Extra Fast Tourer). 19'4" x 20", 30 lbs. Under Stern rudder. Excellent condition. Photos available. Camden, ME area. MSRP $2700. Used. $1400 Cheryl Levin
(207) 691-4886

West Side Boat Shop EFT Posted 10/06/2017
Kevlar Carbon E.F.T. (Extra Fast Tourer). Stern hatch, understern rudder. Good condition. Hull has numerous repair areas after low water racing but all are watertight. Used $975. Photos available. Camden, ME area. $975 Cheryl Levin
(207) 691-4886

Necky Looksha III Kevlar Posted 10/06/2017
Looksha III Kevlar seakayak w/ rudder, 19'6" x 20". Lightweight and fast. Modifications were made to both seat and footpedals to make it more race ready. Factory seat was replaced with a lightweight bucket seat padded with minicell foam. Footrest bar was added to the footpedals. White over white with black trim. Great condition. MSRP $2700. Pictures available. Camden, ME area. $1200 Cheryl Levin
(207) 691-4886

Warren Light Craft Little Wing 12.5 Carbon Composite Kayak Posted 10/06/2017
Little Wing 12.5 is fast, light, and well suited for small to medium sized paddlers. Distinctive hourglass shape provides plenty of stability and greater ease of paddling. An excellent day touring boat with 2 hatches and integrated skeg. Carbon Composite layup weighs just 22 pounds. Excellent condition. Asking $1700 used (MSRP $3485). Pictures available. Camden, ME area. $1700 Cheryl Levin
(207) 691-4886

Surfski, Hayden Mark IV Posted 10/01/2017
A vintage ski from the 1980's; some patching and hairline cracks, but absolutely water tight. Australian made (; spent most of its life in SoCal. Interesting provenance, if you are a Baywatch fan. Can email photos and provide additional info. Boat is in southern Maine. $100 Scott Bowie
(917) 856-3976

Carbon fiber wing kayak paddle Posted 09/19/2017
Jantex Gamma Small wing kayak paddle. Brand new-- used it once or twice in a lake. 205-210 adjustable. 2 pieces. Will ship. $440 new, will sell for $300.. $300.00 Kathy Manizza
(860) 377-1170

Racing Canoe Posted 09/08/2017
Gillies carbon pro boat with sliders, bailer, sliding foot rest. Never been damaged or repaired.. $2500.00 Joe Sumner
(978) 939-3922

Stellar SEL 2G Posted 09/06/2017
Stellar SEL 2G in the excel layup (26lbs). Comes with 4" and surf rudder with weed guard. Boat is in excellent condition. White with grey stripe. $2400 Kevin Wolfe
(717) 6493226

Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine Posted 09/03/2017
Barely used. The WaterRower Natural rowing machine is hand crafted in solid ash wood and features a Honey Oak stain finished in Danish oil. It features the S4 Performance Monitor. $800 Molly Zeppa
(413) 519-2625

Wooden paddling machine Posted 08/31/2017
This is a nice piece of furniture as well as a practical workout device. It has no bell or whistles, but will give you a good workout. The machine is located in Royal Oak, MI. $250 Jim Kemp
(248) 7981905

paddling gear Posted 08/30/2017
ellsworth built paddle machine - $300, cedar strip rat boat (custom built to rat race specs) - $1000, 4 levas paddles-no patches (49in-51in) $100 ea, kevlar j180 with brand new boat bag - $300. email for details Keith Mildren
(978) 4676949

Green over white Van dusen Mohican Posted 08/08/2017
This is a green over white Mohican. Boat is in great condition and is very rugged. This boat has a overstern rudder and has a inspection port to store items for that long trip down the river. not many of these boats left around so I'm pricing it at $5200 but will take the best offer. timmy shields
(617) 6970810

Fenn XT double Posted 07/24/2017
This is a Fenn XT double, yellow over white. The boat is around 55 pounds and is 24 feet long. The boat is super stable and is very fun to paddle in rough conditions, it's been around the blackburn 3 times. It's been sitting in my garage for the last 2 years so time to sell it, to many boats to paddle. The boat is in great condition and is solid. looking for 1400 or best offer Timmy Shields
(617) 697-0810

VanDusen Hawk K-1 Sprint Kayak 1991 Posted 05/23/2017
VanDusen Hawk K-1 Sprint Racing Kayak 1991. Weighs 18 lbs. Excellent condition. Asking $950. Located in Buffalo NY. $950 Eric Mihelbergel
(716) 553-1123

K1 - Elio 75 Posted 05/22/2017
ICF K1, Elio 75 for sale. This kayak is Kevlar layup, stiff but tougher than the full carbon layup. The boat is very light at 17lbs, so ideal for marathon racing, It has understern rudder, full footboard, tiller bar steering. In good condition. Any questions please let me know. Thanks. $1000 Michael Dostal
(617) 680-3419

17 ' Old Town tripper Posted 04/23/2017
Older model,ABS Royalex, great shape, except faded from being stored outside. Has skid plates, be a great WW canoe, or for general recreation paddling. $750 Steve Blazejewski
(413) 743-5900

Think Evo 2 Surfski Posted 04/20/2017
Think Evo 2 Surfski. Excellent condition. I live near Portland Maine and can deliver or meet 100 miles or gas money if more. 207 699 9044. $1400 Peter Beal
(207 ) 6999044

Kayak Racing Paddle - Jantex Gamma Medium 207-212cm wing Posted 04/15/2017
Jantex Gamma Medium 207-212cm wing paddle - Top of the line and built to last! The most used surfski paddle for men. Soft shaft. Very good condition, clean edges, surface poly-coat scratches only. 24 ounces (very light), metal lever-lock. Photos available. Near Worcester, MA. $330 Timothy Hudyncia
(401) 862-8616

Kayak Racing Paddle - Z&J WI 205-215cm wing Posted 04/15/2017
The Z&J model WI is a winged paddle designed to compete with Epic and Jantex at a lower price. WI blade size is comparable to Jantex Gamma Rio Small Plus (WI maybe slightly smaller feel). Lots of bang for the buck! Excellent condition (barely used as reserve paddle), 25.5 ounces, Medium flexibility oval shaft (like Epic). Photos available. Near Worcester, MA. $240 Timothy Hudyncia
(401) 862-8616

Great Condition Jackson Zen 55 Whitewater Kayak Posted 04/06/2017
I have an excellent condition yellow Jackson Zen 55 Kayak for sale. I am a flatwater/downriver kayaker up to class 2-3 rapids and picked up this boat last year to learn to roll and try out bigger water. It was $1200 new. Needless to say, I think I'm happy staying in my longer boats and easy 3's or less. But anyway, I'm looking to sell the Zen to whomever gives me the best offer. I only took this boat out about half a dozen times and it's in great condition. It is made for smaller people 70 - 120 lbs. Here are the specs: Weight: 36 lbs Length: 7'11" (240 cm) Width: 24" (60.3 cm) Height: 13" (30.5 cm) Volume: 60 US Gallons (219 liters) Ideal Weight Range: 70-120 Cockpit Dimensions: 32.5′ x 18.5 MSRP: $1149. $699 Melissa Tweedie
(860) 2688662

pro boat Posted 04/03/2017
carbon fiber crozier v-1 pro boat with wooden gunnels for sale. boat is in good shape. realized it should be with someone thats going to use it, not hanging in my barn. $1,900.- 413 301 4632. $1900 dan fisk
(413) 301-4632

WSBS Xpar missile racing K1 Posted 04/02/2017
Nice condition, over stern rudder with under stern capability, boat cover, kevlar layup with sky blue paint above center line. Includes Epic take a part wing paddle. $1200 John Crossen
(570) 6607308

Voyager Canoe Posted 03/17/2017
Cedar strip voyager canoe. 26" long with adjustable foot braces, padded seats, LL Bean portage wheels and trailer with storage box. Can be run with 6 or 8 people. $5000 Contact Roger Henry, 399-0798. $5000 Roger Henry
(518) 3990798

graphite pro boat Posted 03/07/2017
Crozier V1. Hull is in very good shape. needs minor seat and paddle holder work. $2100 daniel fisk
(413) 3014632

18' Heritage kevlar sit on top touring kayak. Posted 03/06/2017
Very rare, fast and light. An 18' touring hull laid up in kevlar with a sit on top cockpit. Well used with bumps and scrapes but water tight. Has 2 hatches. Will include older back band and thigh straps. Hull is white and deck is yellow. Uses a surf board style skeg. Will listen to offers. $800 Matt Melvin
(781) 424-9614

Whitewater kayaks - like new Posted 02/27/2017
Both are a bit dusty from sitting unused in our basement, but are otherwise in impeccable condition. Wavesport Diesel 80. Red, white and blue colors. Asking $700 Specs: Length: 8' 6" Cockpit: 33.5" x 19" Paddler Weight: 150 - 250 lbs. Volume: 80 gal Deck Height: 14.25" Boat Weight: 46 lbs. Pyranha Burn - SM X. Size Small. Lime green and yellow color. Made in the United Kingdom. Retails for almost $1200 new. Asking $750 Specs: Length: 7'9" Width: 25" Volume: 63 U.S. Gal Weight: 37.4 lbs Paddler: 77-209 lbs Located in the Bangor, Maine area. Email is the best way to send your questions. $700 Erin Miller
(541) 2833111

Verlen Kruger Seawind Posted 02/21/2017
Looking to possibly sell a late 80's Verlen Kruger Seawind. The boat # is within the first 30 (I have boat # 9 originally built by Verlen) The 2nd boat has the extra Kevlar layers and is in good condition. Putting "feeler's" out there to see if anyone would be interested. $0 Jody Waddell
(705-) 698 0971

Stellar SEL & SRS Mohawk Posted 02/09/2017
I am selling two boats. The first is a Stellar SEL excel surfski 1g. Its a 2013 and is in very good condition. $2200. The second is a simon river sports mohawk 85 k1 with van deusen overstern kickup rudder. $1300. Pictures available on request. $2200 Ben Pigott
(413) 4464345

Think evo 2 surfski Posted 01/20/2017
Think Evo 2 surfski. Excellent condition. Free delivery. Free wing paddle. I live near Portland Maine. $1400 PETER BEAL
(207 ) 6999044

Knysna K2 Posted 12/24/2016
Knysna Dagger K2 - old style ICF K2 - extremely stable - foot pedals/ overturn rudder / Derkane construction. $700 joe shaw
(41353) 5378821

Epic V10 Ultra (2G) Posted 12/19/2016
Epic V10 Ultra 2G, used one year. In great shape. Has foot pads, weedless rudder w/guard, Mocke seat pad. Includes Epic wing paddle. $2000 Chris Laughlin
(207) 505-2995

Epic V10 Double - Ultra Layup Posted 12/19/2016
Epic V10 Double Surfski - Ultra Layup $3,700 • Nomex honeycomb core • Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric • Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy • Red bow & stern 44 lbs . $3700 joe shaw
(413-413-414) 413-537-8821

Sawyer royalex canoe Posted 11/08/2016
18-6 boat in good condition. Great for white water or for use as a tripping boat. Located in Brattleboro Vt. $500 Nat Waring
(802) 257-4100

Cobra Viper 17 ft down river kayak Posted 10/25/2016
Includes back rest and air bags. Yellow. Has performed well in MT Washington Inferno race. Material - plastic. Great condition. Has rudder set up. $900 Bill Stafford
(860) 970-1607

Galaxy II G'POWER Full carbon Wing blade Posted 10/08/2016
Galaxy II Full Carbon brand new wing blade. This paddle is full carbon and adjustable at 207-217 length. The paddle comes with the red Galaxy cloth carry bag as well. Looking for $300 or best offer. Thank you. $300 Timmy Shields
(617) 6970810

Simon River Sports k2 Posted 09/22/2016
Simon River Sports Aquilla K2. This boat has a great stability to speed ratio and meets ICF paddle all specifications and was designed with a wider cockpit for the para athlete. This boat is also perfect for the Josh Billings Triathlon and it is great boat for beginners to intermediate athletes looking to upgrade to something fast without compromising stability. Boat has only been paddled maybe a couple dozen times. $2200 Ben Pigott
(413) 446-4345

G'Power Galaxy II Full Carbon Wing Paddle Posted 09/07/2016
G'Power Galaxy II Full Carbon Wing Paddle - brand new. 25.5 ounces. Small blade. Adjustable length 207-217 cm. MSRP is $450. Will sell for $375. Pictures available. $375 Phil Sachs
(978) 886-2188

Selling Legacy XL Ultra K-1, Used - $1400 very good condition Posted 08/17/2016
The Epic Legacy XL is the real deal. A K1 race kayak for the larger paddler. If you have the skills, this boat can move! CONDITION: Very Good to Excellent SPECIFICATIONS: Length:17' Width: 16" Depth: 11.25" Capacity: 167 lbs - 207 lbs Material: Ultra Construction Weight: 26 lbs. $1400 Max Yasochka
(857) 2102230

Mad River ME whitewater canoe Posted 07/30/2016
Green Mad River ME Canoe, Royalex, wooden gunwales. Set up in the "triple" format, with bow and stern kneeling thwarts and pads for tandem paddling, and including a Perception Saddle in the center for solo paddling. It has always been stored under cover. Excellent condition. the gunwales have no breaks or splits. ready to drop in the water. Specs: Designed by John Berry; Length, 15'2"; Gunwale width, 33"; 4" Waterline width, 28 1/2"; Depth at center, 15"; Bow height, 23"; Stern height, 23"; Hull is Symmetrical, Shallow Arch, Extreme (8") Rocker. photos available upon request located in southern NH. $550 Wendy Rannenberg
(603) 673-5128

Fast Touring Necky Arluk 19' by 22" Posted 07/28/2016
Necky Arluk 19 Feet long by 22 inches Kevlar lay up with unidirectional Carbon fiber "frames" -Stiff and light weight hull The hull has been professional filled, faired and painted with Alex Seal premium two part yacht enamel. All bungees, hatch lines, and rudder lines have been replaced. An older boat but in beautiful "Like New" condition. Fast Sea Kayak to get started in kayak racing- a great boat for the Blackburn Challenge! Buy it know and start training to crush the field in next years race! Photos available. $1200 bryan mccarthy
(207) 593-6405

Racing Canoe Posted 06/21/2016
Wenonah Jensen C2 Kevlar flatwater racing canoe. 18' 6". 2 paddles. Sliding seats, adjustable rear footrest. $995 Ken Cook
(207) 650-0514

Wenonah Jensen 18 Tuff-Weave Layup. Posted 06/09/2016
2002-ish Wenonah Jensen 18 Tandem. Very good condition. One professionally repaired 3-4 inch injury. Adjustable seats bow and stern. Center cane seat. Off-White. Always stored indoors. Located in northwestern CT. Could deliver in New England/NY. $800 Phil Juhas
(860) 309-7071

ZAV & Levass Canoe paddles Posted 05/24/2016
ZAV - Power Surge Pro- 47.5 - 48" @ $195 each; 50" new at $295; Power Surge Extreme - 47.5"' $145; Power Surge Pro - 48 inch - $225; Power Surge Pro - 47.5 inch $250. Used Levass - 47.5" $195. New, unsized Levass - $330 joe shaw
(413) 537-8821

ZRE Paddles Posted 04/10/2016
48 and 51 ZRE Paddles in excellent condition. $200 each Steve Busch
(607) 222-1126

Kruger Sea Wind Posted 03/25/2016
Kruger Sea Wind, built by Verlen Kruger, includes catamaran pole if desired, stored inside & in very nice condition, Located / available for pick up in St. Charles, MO. $4650 Steve Weeks
(636) 578-0902

2015 Think Eze Surfski Posted 03/24/2016
Performance layup lke new condition. $1900 Dave Grody
(207) 397-2110

15'4" Rainbow fiberglass canoe Posted 03/16/2016
One owner canoe, purchased in 1983, light family recreation use, canoe in very good shape . . . this winter I installed brand new wood gunwales, new seats, new portage yoke, new decking, all brass and/or stainless hardware, two wooden paddles. My wife and I have come to find that our kayaks are easier to use now, so we have decided to sell this canoe. Pictures provided on request. $750 Les Clifford
(413) 822-6809

War Canoe/Voyagers Posted 03/01/2016
26' long cedar strip (D0g Breath) can be used with a crew of 6 or 8, adjustable foot braces, LL Bean portage wheels and trailer with storage compartment. $5000 Roger Henry
(518) 399-0798

Paddle One erg for sale -Boston, MA Posted 02/21/2016
Gently used Paddle One C for sale. Older model w/o computer. $500 Oivind Brockmeier
(617) 575-9026

Wenonah Rendezvous in Royalex Posted 02/03/2016
Selling a Wenonah Rendezvous in Royalex. Burgundy in color. I have barely used this thing, it's in great condition. $850 Andrew Cooper
(207) 332-7755

Simon River Sports K2 Posted 01/06/2016
Simon River Sports Aquilla K2. This boat has a great stability to speed ratio and meets ICF paddle all specifications and was designed with a wider cockpit for the para athlete. This boat is also perfect for the Josh Billings Triathlon and it is great boat for beginners to intermediate athletes looking to upgrade to something fast without compromising stability. Boat has only been paddled maybe a couple dozen times. $2200 Ben Pigott
(413) 446-4345