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2012 Report -The Competitive Paddler

Since the last annual report three issues of The Competitive Paddler went to press.  Going forward we will continue to publish three issues per year.  We have produced “thematic” issues that combine a few articles on a particular topic, plus race photo essays, race reports, and articles on training and nutrition.  The newsletter is published online, and can be downloaded at

In 2012 we added more issues from the back catalog to the website for download; this has proven very popular.  We moved the site to a new web hosting service.  This has allowed us to accurately track downloads.  We’re seeing about 650 to 700 downloads for each new issue from around the world.  Aside from the U.S., the newsletter is downloaded (and presumably read!) in Canada, Japan, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic, South Africa, France, Australia, Romania, and China.

Here are our goals for 2013:

·         Conduct an online survey of readers – both NECKRA members and nonmembers – to learn their interests, and assess how effectively we’re meeting their needs.

·         Add more issues from the back catalog to the website.  Gareth Stevens and Steve Smith have generously lent hardcopies of issues dating back to 1999 for scanning.

·         Coordinate with NECKRA publicity, which seems like a natural pairing.

·         Beg, plead, and grovel for Point Series race reports.  Our greatest concern is that The Competitive Paddler become disconnected from NECKRA, with not enough NECKRA focus.  If that happens we really need to ask why we’re publishing it.

Shawn Burke

Editor, The Competitive Paddler