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2012 President's Report

It has been my great pleasure to serve as your president over the last two years.  The very best part of this job is that, as I go to so many races, I get to think of each race as a business trip!  Mind you, I pay for my race registration, but I get to “meet and greet” on behalf of NECKRA every time I put on my race duds.

The essence of my report is to say thank you to all of you who have supported NECKRA with your membership and your participation.  Many of you have volunteered your expertise and time, as race directors, as race timers and registration folks, as communications people, as youth supporters, and as organization team members.

Rosemary Longo-Nutt joined me this past late winter/spring to write up a race director’s manual for both downriver and flatwater races.  She is very skilled with this.  Eric Jones revived the Boateater Race, and compiled a lot of historical data for dowriver races.  Eric has agreed to coordinate the downriver race schedule for 2013.  Charlie Brackett, who has held the downriver series together for so many, many years, continues to support the guys who want to race in the rocks and fluffy stuff, as well as to offer the Laurel Lake family races in August.  Phil Sousa and Adam Gelinas, our race directors from today,  continue the tradition of getting folks out to race for spuds.  Phil has been a part of putting on the Potato Race for many years.  But this is only one of the races he works.  Phil works with the Huntington Dam races, the C-1/K-1 Championships, and has done many other competitions.  Shawn Burke, our marvelous Competitive Paddler editor, is handing over the flatwater points series calculations he has so promptly provided.  Michael Melnikov will take over for 2013.  Steve Miller puts up the best website of all canoe and kayak racing organizations, bar none.  And Kelly Gelinas has taken some fabulous photographs of racers.  She is a gifted photographer.  We thank her and the others.

I am not leaving out our mayor, Bob Allen.  Bob has been part of the bedrock of NECKRA for decades.  It’s a lot of work to put on the banquet and organize the points series awards and the raffle.  We appreciate Bob’s dedication and gracious good humor.

That’s the presidents report for this year.  There are lots of good things to look forward to with NECKRA for 2013.  We will be in touch, regularly.

Priscilla Reinertsen
President, NECKRA