2011 The Competitive Paddler Year-­end Report

Shawn Burke

  1. We have a Newsletter!

  2. After generating and mailing one print issue (Fall/Winter 2010), The Competitive Paddler moved online to www.thecompetitivepaddler.com where readers can download issues as a .PDF. By moving to an online format we now can include color photos – and lots of them. Also, issues from past years have been placed online for download.

  3. Three issues have been published featuring a breadth of topics. I changed the layout because, well, I could.

  4. We’ve moved to a three issue per year publishing schedule: Spring, Summer, and Fall/Winter.

  5. Since going online we have around 1,000 downloads per issue. This means that we’re reaching beyond our own membership, and spreading the word about NECKRA far and wide. We have readers in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and the Yukon Territory, as well as Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and England.

  6. I’d like to include more race reports in 2012 to help get the word out about our race series, and to be sure the Newsletter keeps a NECKRA focus. I look to the NECKRA membership for help here!