Race Packet Committee Report

Michael Ripple (for the Race Packet Committee)
November 6, 2011

The 2011 Race Packet went into production with a veteran team doing its second annual effort. Care was taken to have the process as clear as possible and early emails were sent out to alert race directors and advertisers to the process.  This effort was conducted by Michael Ripple and Priscilla Reinertsen. A complete data base of names, addresses and phone numbers was maintained to assist future efforts, and to help our accounts payable office. All parties were highly cooperative and responsive and approximately $1,500 was raised in this effort.

Tom and Kristen Warner completed the production end of this packet.  No paddler’s glove compartment should be found without it. All materials were sent to them for final edits and layout before going to the printer. They also oversee the mailing. 

The Committee takes great pleasure in making this packet available to NECKRA Members.