NECKRA President’s Report, 2011

Priscilla Reinertsen

This is my first President’s Report, and I am very happy to tell you that NECKRA has had a great year.  Mike Ripple, our past president, guided the organization deftly for five years, and set us up so that all kinds of exciting developments could occur. And over the past 12 months, racers, race directors, sponsors, and the heads of the NECKRA committees, have taken the ball or the paddle, and have sprinted ahead. 

NECKRA now has, thanks to Steve Miller, the finest paddlesport website anywhere. It features the racing calendars, timely results, lots of race and organizational  information, and driving directions and maps for races, an active classified ad page, and permanent storage of hundreds of beautiful photos.  The PayPal option for on-line membership is coming.

Thanks to Shawn Burke, we have a multi-feature,on-line publication that is more magazine than newsletter.  As Shawn explains in his report, the circulation of the publication, measured in downloads, is around 1,000, and stretches nationwide and to other continents.  Shawn is both editor and sometimes author, and has brought NECKRA members some very engaging reading.

Fiscally, NECKRA is now going to be able to operate on a balanced budget.  Because of savings in the publication of the Competitive Paddler (printing and mailing) we will be able to provide support for the community paddling programs in Lawrence, MA and in Holyoke, MA, and for the NECKRA paddlers who represent us on the US Sprint Kayak and Wildwater Teams. We are able to provide our members with Facebook and PaddlersConnection networking, equipment to assist our race directors, a handicapped-so-its-fair Point Series, and an Annual Banquet featuring delicious fare and wonderful Points Series Prizes, courtesy of NECKRA’s Mayor, Bob Allen.

Thanks to all of you that have made this possible!

One last thing.  We can only continue to bring all this to our membership if we have members.  Our membership has held steady for the last two years, but it needs to grow to maintain all of these benefits.  Recruit a new member, nudge a lapsed member, and this community will continue to provide, not only the above mentioned services, but great times you could not duplicate without NECKRA, and a sense of community that extends well beyond the racing.